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Seminar Series

Research Seminar Series 2021-2022

Seminars are held on Tuesdays on Zoom, unless otherwise indicated. In person seminars are held in TRISS Seminar Room, 6th Floor Arts Building.

Date & Time Speaker Title
14 September - 4pm to 5pm Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California, Berkeley) The Effect of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Household Spending (joint with Olivier Coibion, Dimitris Georgarakos, Geoff Kenny and Michael Weber)
21 September - 4pm to 5pm Simone Schaner (University of Southern California) Information, Intermediaries, and International Migration (joint with Samuel Bazzi, Lisa Cameron and Firman Witoelar)
22 September 2021 - 4PM (organised by IM-TCD) Eric T. Swanson (University of California, Irvine) An Alternative Explanation for the “Fed Information Effect” (joint with Michael D. Bauer)
28 September - 5:15pm to 6:15pm Stelios Michalopoulos (Brown University)

Forced Displacement and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Separated Siblings (joint with Giorgio Chiovelli, Elias Papaioannou, and Sandra Sequiera)

5 October - 4pm to 5pm Juan Vargas (Universidad del Rosario)

Landmines: The Local Effects of Demining (joint with Mounu Prem and Miguel E. Purroy)

6 October 2021 - 4pm (organised by IM-TCD)

Jordi Gali (CREI)

Monetary Policy and Endogenous Financial Crises

12 October - 2pm to 3pm Elise Huillery (University Paris-Dauphine) Emperors without Scepters: Early Colonial Leaders' Personality and Civil Conflicts (joint with Quoc-Anh Do, Sacha Dray, and Jean-Louis Keene)
19 October - 4pm to 5pm Diego Restuccia (University of Toronto) Land Security and Mobility Frictions (joint with Tasso Adamopoulos, Loren Brandt, Chaoran Chen, and Xiaoyun Wei)
20 October 2021 - 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Anna Cieslak (Duke University) Policymakers' uncertainty (joint with Stephen Hansen, Michael McMahon and Song Xiao)
26 October Reading Week Structural Transformation and U-shaped Female Employment (with Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo)
2 November - 4pm to 5pm Paul Novosad (Dartmouth College) The Long-run Development Impacts of Agricultural Productivity Gains: Evidence from Irrigation Canals in India (joint with Sam Asher, Alison Campion and Douglas Gollin)
3 November 2021 - 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Rachel Ngai (LSE) Structural Transformation and U-shaped Female Employment (with Claudia Olivetti and Barbara Petrongolo)
9 November - 4pm to 5pm Claudia Olivetti (Dartmouth College) Female Labor Force Participation and Intergenerational Mobility (joint with Jørgen Modalsli, M. Daniele Paserman and Laura Salisbury)
16 November Douglas A. Irwin (Dartmouth College) Trade Payments Reform and Economic Growth Revisited (joint with James Feyrer)
17 November 2021 - 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Ludwig Straub (Harvard University) A Goldilocks Theory of Fiscal Policy (joint with Atif Mian and Amir Sufi)
23 November - 4pm to5pm Greg Martin (Standford University) The Impact of Online Competition on Local Newspapers: Evidence from the Introduction of Craigslist (joint with Milena Djourelova and Ruben Durante)
30 November - 4pm to 5pm Jack Willis (Columbia University)

Land Rental Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya (joint with Michelle Acampora and Lorenzo Casaburi)

1 December 2021 - 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Doireann Fitzgerald (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

How Do Firms Build Market Share? (joint with Daavid Argente, Sara Moreira and Anthony Priolo)

25 January - 2pm to 3pm

((Please note this seminar has been cancelled)

Maria Petrova (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Automation, Career Values, and Political Outcomes (joint with Gregor Schubert, Bledi Taska, and Pinar Yildirim)

1 February - 4pm to 5pm Marco Tabellini (Harvard Business School)

Economic Integration and the Transmission of Democracy (joint with Giacomo Magistretti)

2 February 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Mariacristina De Nardi (University of Minnesota)

Why Do Couples and Singles Save During Retirement? (joint with Eric French, John Bailey Jones and Rory McGee)

8 February - 4pm to 5pm Vincent Pons (Harvard Business School)

Electoral Turnovers (joint with Benjamin Marx and Vincent Rollet)

15 February - 2pm to 3pm James Fenske (University of Warwick)

Missing Women in Colonial India (joint with Bishnupriya Gupta and Cora Neumann)

16 February 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Juan M Sanchez (Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis) Domestic Policies and Sovereign Default (joint with Emilio Espino, Julian Kozlowski and Fernando M. Martin)
22 February - 2pm to 3pm Sule Alan (European University Institute) Improving Workplace Climate in Large Corporations: A Clustered Randomized Intervention (joint with Gozde Corekcioglu and Matthias Sutter)
1 March - 2pm to 3pm Per Krusell (Stockholm University)

The Macroeconomics of Intensive Agriculture (joint with Timo Boppart, Patrick Kiernan, and Hannes Malmberg)

2 March 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Morten Ravn (University College London) Financial Frictions: Micro vs Macro Volatility (joint with Seungcheol Lee and Ralph Luetticke)
15 March - 2pm to 3pm

Maria Carreri (University of California, San Diego)

Economic and Political Effects of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Colombia (joint with Luis R. Martinez)
16 March 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD)

Prof. Luca Macedoni (Aarhus University)

Large Firms, Consumer Heterogeneity and the Rising Share of Profits (joint with Robert Feenstra and Mingzhi Xu)

22 March - 1pm to 2pm Jan de Loecker (KU Leuven) The Welfare Impact of Market Power: The OPEC Cartel (joint with John Asker and Allan Collard-Wexler)
29 March - 2pm to 3:15pm
Torsten Persson (Stockholm University) The Political Economics of Green Transitions (joint with Tim Besley)
30 March 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD) Liliana Varela  (London School of Economics)
5 April - 2pm to 3pm Emircan Yurdagul (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Labor Supply and Establishment Size (joint with Lin Shao and Faisal Sohail)


12 April - 2pm to 3:15pm
Julia Cagé (Sciences Po Paris) Hosting Media Bias: Evidence from the Universe of French Television and Radio Shows, 2002-2020 (joint with Moritz Hengel, Nicolas Hervé and Camille Urvoy)


13 April 2022- 4pm (organised by IM-TCD)

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas  (University of California, Berkeley)

All seminars are joint seminars with Department of Economics & TRISS unless otherwise indicated.