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2020/2021 Events

  • The Student Economic Review will be hosting a Foundation Scholarship Workshop online on the 10th of December at 6pm. We will have BESS and PPES students who were successful last year coming in and giving their advice and going through a few sample questions. The workshop will end with a Q&A where you can ask all your questions. 

    You can find more details and the link to the event on our facebook page.

2019/2020 Events

2018/2019 Events

  • SER Schols Workshop – Tuesday 6th November 2018.
  • Trinity v Oxford University SER debate – Wednesday 7th of November 2018 – GMB, 19:30 – co-hosted with the Historical Society.
  • Trinity v Yale University SER debate – Wednesday 6th of February 2019 – GMB, 19:30 – co-hosted with the Historical Society.
  • Address by Philip Lane, the Governor of the Central Bank – Date TBD.

2017/2018 Events

  • Erratum: The authorship of the essay “Homo Oeconomicus: Useful Abstraction or Perversion of Reality?”(page 95) has been incorrectly attributed in some copies of the 2018 Student Economic Review. The author of this essay was in fact Sophie Donnelly, Senior Sophister. 
    The essay “Not so Rational: Reflection on the Homo Economicus” by Juliette Weyand, Senior Sophister, has also been selected for publication in the review and was omitted in these copies. The online version of the Review, and copies sent to publication Libraries have attributed authorship correctly and have included all selected essays.
    The committee would like to apologise for this error and any confusion caused.
  • We are very happy to announce that due to a very generous donation by Ciarán O’Neill, the financial future of the SER is secure for many years to come. Mr O’Neill is a scholar of Trinity College and a former General Manager of the Student Economic Review. Since graduating from Trinity he has been involved in portfolio management, security analysis and economic research. Staff and students of the Economics Department wish to thank him for enabling the continued existence of this unique outlet for undergraduate economics research and engagement.
  • Trinity v Cambridge University SER debate - Thursday 23rd of November 2017 - GMB, 19:30 - co-hosted with the Philosophical Society
  • Frontier Economics Workshop - Tuesday 30th of January 2018 - Joly Theatre, Hamilton Building , 18:00
  • Trinity v Harvard University SER debate - Thursday February 22nd, 2018 - GMB, 19:30 - co-hosted with the Philosophical Society
  • Launch of the 32nd Student Economic Review - Tuesday March 27th 2018 - GMB, 19:00.

2016/2017 Events

  • Trinity v Oxford University SER debate - Wednesday November 23, 2016 - GMB, 19.30 - co-hosted with Historical Society (YouTube link)

  • Trinity v Yale University SER debate - Thursday February 16, 2017 - GMB, 19.30 - co-hosted by The College Historical Society and The Philosophical Society. (YouTube link)

  • Launch of the 31st Student Economic Review - Tuesday March 28, 2017 -GMB, 19:30 ( See Photos)