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The Committee each year is chosen by academic staff on the basis of applications received in response to an email communication to all Junior Sophister economics students in Trinity in the first week of Michaelmas Term. What follows are welcoming messages by the incoming General Manager and Editor, plus details on the full SER 2020 committee (including email contact information).

General Manager Welcome

Founded in 1987, the Student Economic Review is an entirely student-focused academic journal that features articles written by undergraduates of Trinity College, Dublin. With a reputation for academic excellence, the Review provides a platform to showcase the exceptional work being undertaken by the University’s Economics students who seek to explore and challenge conventional economic wisdom and to apply economic theories in new ways and to new areas.

Every year the Review has featured many outstanding essays and today former committee members and contributors are leading figures and innovators in the fields of business, finance, research and academia globally. The journal hosts many highly anticipated events, such as debates against prestigious universities like Oxford and Harvard, as well as guest lectures from leaders and experts in all areas of economics.

The Review enables contributors to critically analyse and evaluate the efficacy of conventional economic wisdom. This provides them with a means through which they can propose novel approaches and modern adaptations to economic models that can be used to solve the most pressing issues globally. The Review in recent years has published articles as far-ranging as trade protectionism in the United States and the history of gender inequality in economics.

This year, the Review’s mission takes a three-pronged approach. Firstly, it strives to cultivate an environment where economic discussions are reasoned, rational and rigorously debated by undergraduates. Moreover, the journal hopes to promote the value of economics on campus and in society more generally. Finally, the publication seeks to highlight the many advantages to studying this esteemed subject, and its applicability to many career areas.

Kevin Loftus
General Manager
Student Economic Review Volume XXXIV

Editor Welcome

Throughout some incredibly tumultuous times in the world of economics, including the burst of the dot com bubble, the rise of new economic superpowers and the Great Recession, the Student Economic Review has continued to publish some of the finest undergraduate research in the field. Now, in these continually chaotic and unpredictable times, innovative and rigorous research remains as important as it always has been. One of the Review’s greatest merits is undoubtedly its giving of a platform to those still in the midst of their undergraduate education. Although publication in the SER is likely a first taste of the world of published economic research, many past submissions have been just the beginning of long and prolific careers in academia. Past committee members and submitting undergraduates have become leaders in the field of economics, and it is upon this history of ambition and success that we wish to continue building the esteemed reputation of the SER. The publication has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 1987, and I sincerely hope that it continues upon this upward trajectory.

The task at hand for myself and my colleagues on the Editorial Board, Eoin O’Donnell and Nicole O’Sullivan, will be to select those essays which we believe represent the finest in undergraduate economic research. We shall be seeking research which demonstrates an exceptional understanding of economics, whether it employs rigorous econometric modelling or dives into the history of economic thought, and which is also thought-provoking, engaging, and demonstrates a clear relevance to the times we live in.

I urge all those who give even the briefest thought to submitting to do just that, even if Economics is not their discipline of study. Indeed, novel perspectives on economic issues from other fields have the potential to add great value to traditional understandings. Whole new fields of economic theory have been born at the confluence of economics and other disciplines, and Nobel Prizes won for effectively marrying economic theory with ideas from other fields. The Student Economic Review has always been a publication in which undergraduates feel that they can push the boundaries of research, expanding into the innovative and the new without any fear of repercussion. I truly hope that this year’s submissions will continue to forge paths beyond the boundaries of classical economics.

With all being said, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the 2020 Edition of the Student Economic Review. I have no doubt that the works published in this year’s journal will be as insightful, thought-provoking and innovative as those of the past, epitomising the boundless talent that the undergraduates of Trinity’s Economics Department have to offer. Once again, I urge all interested undergraduates to submit, and I sincerely look forward to reading your wonderful research.

Harry Humes
Student Economic Review Volume XXXIV

Student Economic Review 2020 Committee

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