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The Committee each year is chosen by academic staff on the basis of applications received in response to an email communication to all Junior Sophister economics students in Trinity in the first week of Michaelmas Term. What follows are welcoming messages by the incoming General Manager and Editor, plus details on the full SER 2024 committee (including email contact information).

General Manager Welcome

I am honoured to welcome you to the 38th edition of the Student Economic Review! The journal has been an integral part of the undergraduate journey for many esteemed economists that have passed through Trinity.

The Student Economic Review is one of the oldest undergraduate journals in the world, and it is my hope that this year we continue on the great legacy that the Review has created. The journal provides an opportunity for those who have a passion for economics to submit a piece of their work for consideration. I urge all undergraduate students to submit an essay to the journal.

The Review has become a centrepiece of the economics department in Trinity. It has evolved to much more than a journal. We will be hosting two debates this year with Harvard and Cambridge in collaboration with the Hist and the Phil. These debates are sure to be full of interesting economic discourse, and I highly encourage you to come along!

In addition to the debates, we will be hosting workshops and speakers throughout the year. These will provide further insights into the world of economics. Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for further details.

Warm wishes,

Caoimhe Lawlor McEnroe
General Manager
Student Economic Review Volume XXXVIII

Editor Welcome

I am delighted to introduce you to the 38th edition of the Student Economic Review. Established in 1987, our journal proudly ranks among the world's oldest undergraduate publications in the field of Economics, making it a unique hallmark of the Trinity undergraduate Economics experience. Year after year, the Review bestows upon ambitious students the privilege of having their work featured in a globally renowned academic journal. It offers an opportunity to emerging economists to share their outlook and analyses of matters relevant to both modern and traditional economics. Throughout its history, it has been a stepping stone into the world of academia for many who have then gone on to become influential figures in academia, research, and the global business landscape.

In today's context, as Ireland and its youth recover from COVID-19, suffer through a cost-of-living crisis and the effects of worldwide unrest, the demand for original and inventive communicators is high, especially those who possess a strong grasp of economics and a talent for analysis. Our commitment is towards encouraging outstanding undergraduate writing at Trinity, granting students the freedom to explore beyond the boundaries of coursework and independently explore significant economic matters, whether empirical, historical or theoretical.

The Editorial Team for 2024 consists of me, Conal Gillespie and Mark Heanue. The Review's mission is to nurture and showcase the diverse range of perspectives within Trinity's undergraduate community as we welcome students from all academic disciplines to contribute essays to this year's Review. Essays that reflect an engaging and rigorous writing style, a profound comprehension of economics and the ability to meaningfully contribute to academic literature will be gladly received.

Every year, the Review is consistent in exhibiting the best of Trinity’s talent and continues to inspire the incoming cohorts of Economics students. I am sure that this tradition will continue this year as we look forward to engaging with talented and motivated students through the publication as well as the debates and workshops. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the 2024 edition of the Student Economic Review.

Saloni Khosla
Student Economic Review XXXVIII

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