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The Committee each year is chosen by academic staff on the basis of applications received in response to an email communication to all Junior Sophister economics students in Trinity in the first week of Michaelmas Term. What follows are welcoming messages by the incoming General Manager and Editor, plus details on the full SER 2021 committee (including email contact information).

General Manager Welcome

It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce you to the 37th edition of the Student Economic Review. For undergraduate economists at Trinity College, the journal remains a symbol of academic excellence, and many of our contributors have gone on to achieve stellar careers. These alumni are great ambassadors for the department, but more importantly, now act as role models for current students such as myself. The SER has the power to inspire students, and we therefore have a responsibility to continue this great tradition.

Since its creation in 1987, having an essay published in the SER has been the pinnacle for undergraduate economists in Trinity. It provides the first real opportunity for individuals to exhibit their work in a recognized academic journal, where submissions are of the highest standard. I would strongly encourage all interested students to put forward their work, and we are excited to see what this new cohort can bring. It is a wonderful achievement to have your essay selected, and you will be invited to our flagship launch event in April.

Aside from the publication of the journal, the SER also holds events throughout the year, which allows us to engage with economics in multifaceted ways. We are currently planning to host two international debates with Yale University and The University of Cambridge. These will be wonderful evenings that will help bring the subject to life. We try to make the debate motions as general as possible, so please feel free to attend regardless of your prior knowledge. A key aim of this year’s committee is to make economics more accessible as we feel it is incredibly important for all students to be aware of the issues that shape our society. Other events to look forward to are our practical workshops and a series of guest lectures with industry professionals.

The 2023 committee is a great group, and I am sure they will do their best to ensure this edition is as successful as possible. I look forward to giving you a more personal welcome at our events.

Niall Butler
General Manager
Student Economic Review Volume XXXVII

Editor Welcome

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the 37th edition of the Student Economic Review. Founded in 1987, the Review is one of the oldest undergraduate journals in the world and remains a unique aspect of the Trinity undergraduate Economics experience. Dedicated to the promotion of exceptional undergraduate writing at Trinity, the Review provides students with the opportunity to liberate themselves from the confines of taught coursework and to engage independently with pressing economic issues, both empirical and theoretical in nature. Every year, the Review rewards such ambitious students with the unparalleled opportunity to experience publication in an academically-renowned journal.

With the recent exogenous shocks of COVID-19 and the Ukraine War to the global economy, economic discourse has regained its centrality in the Irish media. Now more than ever, there is a need for excellent and innovative communicators with a rigorous understanding of economics and an aptitude for economic analysis. The Review provides a platform for budding economists to discuss their unique perspectives and showcase their analysis of topics pertinent to both contemporary and classical economic issues. The Review has served as a mere first glimpse into the realm of academic publication for past contributors and committee members alike, many of whom are now leading figures in academia, research and business globally.

 The Editorial Team for the 2023 Review consists of myself, Evan Carron-Kee and Bryony Hoyle. We seek contributions from students that combine a stimulating and comprehensive writing style with an extraordinary level of understanding of economic issues. As the Review aims to appreciate and demonstrate the wide spectrum of opinion in the undergraduate cohort at Trinity, I would like to extend an invitation to students across all disciplines to submit an essay to this year’s Review.

Every year since its inception, the Review has served successfully in showcasing the talent that Trinity Economics students possess, and I have every confidence that this will continue in this year’s Review. I extend a very warm welcome to the 2023 Edition of the Student Economic Review.

Rachel Kane
Editor, Student Economic Review XXXVII

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