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Research Seminar Series 2010-2011

Seminars are held on Tuesdays 12.30 to 2 pm in IIIS Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated

Seminar Organiser:

Philip Lane - Phone: +353 (0)1 896 2259

Research Seminar Series 2010-2011

Date Speaker Title
28 Sep
(09.00 to 10.30)
Simon Wren-Lewis
'Comparing the delegation of monetary and fiscal policy'
5 Oct
Mathias Hoffmann
'Emerging from the War: Current Accounts and the International Business Cycle 1885-1939'
14 Oct
(Thursday, 09.00 to 10.30)
Daniel Leigh
'Will It Hurt? Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Consolidation'
19 Oct Gylfi Zoega
(University of Iceland)
'Lessons from a collapse of a financial system'
26 Oct
*Seminar Cancelled*
Mick Devereux
(University of British Columbia)
'What Determines European Real Exchange Rates?'
2 Nov Doireann Fitzgerald
'Trade Costs, Asset Market Frictions and Risk Sharing'
9 Nov Reading Week
16 Nov Benjamin Elsner
'The effect of emigration on the level and distribution of wages: The case of EU enlargement'
See also: 'Does emigration benefit the stayers? The EU enlargement as a natural experiment. Evidence from Lithuania'
23 Nov TBA TBA
30 Nov Martin Brown
(Swiss National Bank)
'Which Households Use Banks? Evidence from the Transition Economies'
7 Dec *11.00am -2.00 pm* Martin Ljunge (University of Copenhagen) Kelly Ragan (Stockholm School of Economics)
Sick of the Welfare State? Adaptation in the
Demand for Social Insurance
The Role of Culture in Contraception Demand
14 Dec TBA TBA
18 Jan
*13.00 - 14.00*
Vahagn Galstyan
'Productivities, Trade, and Relative Prices in a Ricardian World'
1 Feb Philip Lane (TCD) 'International Differences in Fiscal Policy During the Global Crisis'
8 Feb Karl Whelan (UCD) Open For Business? Institutions, Business Environment and Economic Development
15 Feb * 13.15 -14.45*
Mans Soderbom (Gothenburg) Network Proximity and Business Practices in African Manufacturing
*16 Feb*
13.00 -14.00
Ashoka Mody (IMF) 'Capital Flows and Growth: the role of volatility regimes'
8 March** Pedro Magalhaes (Lisbon) 'Political institutions and the social anchoring of the vote'
15 March Ron Davies
'Royale with Cheese: The Effect of Globalization on the Variety of Goods'
22 March George Kopits 'Rules-Based Fiscal Framework: Rationale, Experience, and Good Practices'
29 March Gianluca Benigno (LSE) 'Exchange Rates and Interest Rates'
5 Apr Micheal Collins (TCD) and
Cormac Staunton (Concern Worldwide)
'Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cash Transfers versus Food Aid: a case study in rural Zimbabwe'
6 April
Anne-Marie Brook (NZ Treasury) 'Making fiscal policy more stabilising: Challenges and Policy Options'
31 May Mariapia Mendola (Milan) 'Labor Migration and Social Networks Participation: Evidence from Southern Mozambique'

All seminars are joint seminars with Department of Economics & IIIS unless otherwise indicated.

** Joint seminar Dept of Economics and Department of Political Science