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Seminar Series

IM-TCD Seminars 2022-2023


Date & Time Speaker  
1 February 2023

Vania Stavrakeva (London Business School)

Individual Beliefs, Demand for Currency and Exchange Rate Dynamics (joined with Jenny Tang)
15 February 2023

Lorena Keller (Wharton)

Arbitraging Covered Interest Rate Parity Deviations and Bank Lending
1 March 2023

Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins)

The Narrow Channel of Quantitative Easing: Evidence from YCC Down Under.” (joint with David Lucca)
15 March 2023

Moritz Schularik (Bonn)

The Anatomy of the Global Saving Glut (joint with Luis Buluz and Filip Novokmet)
29 March 2023

Antonio Coppola (Standford)

The Geography of Capital Allocation in the Euro Area (Joint with Roland Beck, Angus Lewis, Matteo Maggiori, Martin Schmitz and Jesse Schreger)