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Research Seminar Series 2008-2009

Seminars are usually held on Tuesdays 1 to 2 pm in IIIS Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated

Seminar Organiser:

Gaia Narciso – Phone:+353 (0)1 896 1067

Date Speaker Title
07 Oct** Kevin O'Rourke (TCD) 'The structure of protection and growth in the late 19th cen
14 Oct** Philip Lane (TCD IIIS) 'European Financial Integration'
21 Oct Randall Akee (IZA) 'Parents' Incomes and Children's Outcomes: A Quasi-Experimen
28 Oct Jacco Thijssen (TCD) 'An Evidence Based Approach to Econometrics: A First Step ou
11 Nov Marc Schiffbauer (ESRI) 'Inflation, financial development and long-run TFP-growth'
18 Nov** Matt Cole (University of Oregon) 'Optimal Tariffs, Tariff Jumping, and Heterogeneous Firms'
25 Nov** Karl Whelan (UCD) 'Where do firms export, how much and why?'
02 Dec** Rocco Macchiavello (Nuffield College, Oxford University) 'Ethnic Violence and Exports: Evidence from Kenyan Flowers'
04 Dec Peter Egger (Seminar in Room 3071) (Ifo) 'Horizontal firm integration and the taxation of profits'
13 Jan Peter Kort (Tilburg University) 'Why Do Big Firms Not Innovate?'
20 Jan Michael Wycherley (TCD) 'Innovation versus Imitation, intellectual property rights i
10 Feb Ana Fernandes (University of Sussex) 'Intrafirm Trade and Contractibility in Export Processing'
17 Feb** Marcel Fafchamps (Oxford University) 'Self-Help Groups and Mutual Assistance: Evidence from Kenya
24 Feb Finn Tarp (University of Copenhagen) 'The Forgotten Property Rights: Restrictions on Land Use in
10 Mar Sibylle Lehmann (Max Planck Institute) 'German stock market regulation and its effect on initial pu
11 Mar Christian Ahlin (Michigan State University) 'Matching for Credit: Risk and Diversification in Thai Micro
31 Mar Vasco Carvalho (CREi/UPF) 'Aggregate Fluctuations and the Network Structure of Interse
7 Apr Ibrahim Unalmis (University of Ireland-Maynooth) 'Stimulating Economic Growth Using Fiscal Policy in a new-Ke
14 Apr Patrick Nolen (University of Essex) 'Cell-Phones and Economic Development: Evidence From South A
21 April Catia Batista 'Testing the ‘Brain Gain' Hypothesis: Micro Evidence from Ca
28 Apr David Cuberes (Clemson University) "Democracy, Diversification and Growth Reversals"
30 Apr** Julian di Giovanni (IMF) 13.00 - 14.30 'Fluctuations in Granular Economies' The paper is available
5 May** Beata S. Javorcik (University of Oxford) 'Gifted Kids or Pushy Parents? Foreign Acquisitions and Firm
15 May Giorgio Valente (University of Leicester) 'Liquidity and Arbitrage in the FX Market' (joint with W.-M.
22 May (Note change of Venue-Room 2026) Florin Bilbiie (HEC) 'Endogenous entry and product variety: some macroeconomic po
16 June Ehud Kalai (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Unive ' Large games and markets'
18 June Vilen Lipatov (Hannover University) 'Coporate Tax Evasion: the Case for Specialists' The paper i

** = Joint seminar with Department of Economics & IIIS