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Module Code: TBC

  • ECTS Credit: 30
  • Mandatory/Optional: Mandatory
  • Module Coordinator: All eligible teaching staff, including adjunct staff, from the Economics Department in Trinity and ESRI may supervise
  • Period: Year 2 Michaelmas term

Module Content

The dissertation is an in-depth individual research study of a particular issue within the field of Economic Policy. Students should demonstrate their capabilities to engage with academic literature in the field of Economics and both an understanding of and an ability to apply analytics techniques to assess defined economic policy challenges. Students are required to analyse their research issue using the concepts, techniques and tools introduced to them in the core modules. Students will be expected to demonstrate a good understanding of the applicability of these techniques and an ability to communicate their work to a broad policy relevant audience effectively and efficiently.  Students will be encouraged to select dissertation topics of relevance to the Irish public sector.

This module builds on Module 8, Research methods.  Students focus their dissertation topics in the third semester and will be assigned supervisors aligned to their research topics.    Students will meet with their supervisor throughout the term of this dissertation module and supervisors will provide feedback on the research question, the literature review, the methodology and the first draft of the dissertation.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:
MLO13.1  Define a research question and contextualise the topic in its wider research and policy area.
MLO13.2 Design a research plan appropriate to answering that question within given time and resource constraints.
MLO13.3  Critically evaluate published research and assess its relevance to the selected research question.
MLO13.4 Implement all stages of that research design independently, including the structured collection of new information, the application of appropriate analytical techniques and the interpretation of the results
MLO13.5  Present their research in written form in a manner that withstands scrutiny

Module Assessment

Student will receive formative feedback from their supervisor on their research question, the literature review, the methodology and the first draft of the dissertation.  One overall mark will be provided for the dissertation and will be based 100% on the final bound dissertation submitted on 30th November of the second year of the programme.