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The Trinity Economic Papers (TEP) series provides a forum for the rapid dissemination of research conducted at the Department of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin. This series was instituted in 1994 with both a Technical Paper and a Policy Paper series.  Since 1999 these have been amalgamated into a single series with papers numbered sequentially by year group. If you wish to contribute to the series please read these notes for authors.

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Number Title Author Date

Using role models to inspire marginalized groups: A cautionary tale

Gaia Narciso, Carol Newman and Finn Tarp

May 2024

Domestic Violence Laws and Social Norms: Evidence from Pakistan

Selim Gulesci, Marinella Leone and Sameen Zafar

February 2024

Stereotypical Selection

Martina Zanella January 2024

Equivalisation (once again)

Karina Doorley, Luke Duggan, Theano Kakoulidou and Barra Roantree January 2024

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Number Title Author Date
TEP1523 On Finance's Heterogeneous Labor Share Dynamics: A Neoclassical Perspective Adnan Velic November 2023
TEP1423 A Model of Greedflation Paul Scanlon November 2023
TEP1323 Mental Accounting, Spousal Control and Intra-Household Communication: Evidence from an Experiment in India Tara Bedi, Anu Jose, Michael King August 2023
TEP1223 The Long and The Short of it: Inheritance and Wealth in Ireland Simone Arrigoni, Laura Boyd and Tara McIndoe-Calder July 2023
TEP1123 Women and Governance: Central Bank Boards and Monetary Policy Donato Masciandaro, Paola Profeta, Davide Romelli June 2023
TEP1023 Monetary policy and financial markets: evidence from Twitter traffic Donato Masciandaro, Davide Romelli, Gaia Rubera June 2023
TEP0923 Trade diversion and labor market adjustment: Vietnam and the U.S.-China trade war Karin Mayr-Dorn, Gaia Narciso, Duc Anh Dang, Hien Phan May 2023
TEP0823 Perpetual Motion: High-frequency Human Mobility in Three African Countries Paul Blanchard, Douglas Gollin, Martina Kirchberger April 2023
TEP0723 Factor Substitution Possibilities, Labor Share Dynamics, and Inequality in an Age of Intangibles Adnan Velic April 2023
TEP0623 Consolidated Foreign Wealth of Nations: Nationality-based measures of international exposure André Sanchez Pacheco April 2023
TEP0523 Population age structure and secular stagnation: Evidence from long run data Joseph Kopecky February 2023
TEP0423 Growing older and growing apart? Population age structure and trade Joseph Kopecky January 2023
TEP0323 Wages and the Role of Intangibles in Finance Adnan Velic March 2023
TEP0223 Political Campaigning, and Racial Discrimination in Arrests for Drugs Francesco Barilari, Diego Zambiasi January 2023
TEP0123 Conscientiousness and Labor Market Returns: Evidence from a Field Experiment in West Africa Martina Kirchberger, Mathias Allemand, Sveta Milusheva, Carol Newman, Brent Roberts, Vincent Thorne January 2023

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Number Title Author Date
TEP0722 The Elusive Link Between FDI and Economic Growth Agustín Bénétrix, Hayley Pallan and Ugo Panizza November 2022
TEP0622 The Intra-financial Assets and the Intermediation Role of the Financial Sector Daniel Carvalho December 2022
TEP0522 The Rise & Fall of Urban Concentration in Britain: Zipf, Gibrat and Gini across two centuries Ronan Lyons and Elisa Maria Tirindelli September 2022
TEP0422 Gender Gaps in the Labor Market Effects of COVID-19: Evidence for Mexico Juan David Durán-Vanegas May 2022
TEP0322 Who Gets the Flow? Financial Globalisation and Wealth Inequality Simone Arrigoni October 2022
TEP0122 QE: Implications for Bank Risk-Taking, Profitability, and Systemic Risk Adnan Velic and Supriya Kapoor February 2022

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Number Title Author Date
tep1621 The Age For Austerity? Population Age Structure and Fiscal Multipliers Joseph Kopecky December 2021
tep1521 Putting a new “spin” on energy labels: measuring the impact of reframing energy efficiency on tumble
dryer choices in a multi-country experiment
Stefano Ceolotto and Eleanor Denny November 2021
tep1421 A Consolidated-by-Nationality Approach to Irish Foreign Exposure Andre Sanchez Pacheco November 2021
tep1321 Automatic for the (tax) people: information sharing and cross-border investment in tax havens Agustín Bénétrix, Lorenz Emter and Martin Schmitz November 2021
tep1221 Household Behaviour in Ireland, Sweden, the US and the UK under Rationing John FitzGerald, Seán Kenny and Alexandra Lopez Cermeno October 2021
tep1121 Investment Response to Monetary Policy in a Low Interest Rate Environment: Evidence from the ECB’s Corporate QE Guillaume Horny and Supriya Kapoor October 2021
tep1021 Disagreement inside the FOMC: New Insights from Tone Analysis Hamza Bennani and Davide Romelli September 2021
tep0921 Taming the Capital Flows-Credit Nexus: A Sectoral Approach Daniel Carvalho, Etienne Lepers and Rogelio Mercado Jr September 2021
tep0821 Manhattan Transfer: Productivity effects of agglomeration in American authorship Lukas Kuld, Sara Mitchell and Christiane Hellmanzik July 2021
tep0721 Okay Boomer... Excess Money Growth, Inflation, Joseph Kopecky June 2021

Concrete Thinking About Development

Keelan Beirne and Martina Kirchberger June 2021
tep0521 Good Reverberation? Teacher Influence in Music Composition since 1450 Karol Jan Borowiecki June 2021
tep0421 The Shock Absorbing Role of Cross-border Investments: Net Positions Versus Currency Composition Agustín Bénétrix, Beren Demirölmez and Martin Schmitz June 2021
tep0321 Corporate Taxation and International Financial Integration: U.S. evidence from a consolidated perspective Agustín Bénétrix and André Sanchez
May 2021
tep0221 Capital Misallocation, Agricultural Subsidies and Productivity: A European Perspective Bruno Morando and Carol Newman April 2021
tep0121 Concentration in Asia’s Cross-border Banking Determinants and Impacts Ana Kristel Lapid, Rogelio Mercado Jr., and Peter Rosenkranz January 2021

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Number Title Author Date
tep1620 Information Matters: Evidence from flood risk in the Irish housing market Tom Gillespie, Ronan C. Lyons and Thomas K.J. McDermott August 2020
tep1520 Better energy cost information changes household property investment decisions: Evidence from a nationwide experiment James Carroll, Eleanor Denny and Ronan C. Lyons August 2020
tep1420 Can labour market institutions mitigate the China syndrome? Evidence from regional labour markets in Europe Jan-Luca Hennig August 2020
tep1320 Desired hours worked over the business cycle: stylised facts for European Countries Dora Tuda August 2020
tep1220 The Murder-Suicide of the Rentier: Population Aging and the Risk Premium Joseph Kopecky and Alan M. Taylor July 2020
tep1120 Leverage Cycles Growth Shocks and Sudden Stops in Capital Inflows Lorenz Emter July 2020
tep1020 Policy Uncertainty Shocks and Small Open Economies in Monetary Union: a Case Study of Ireland Jonathan Rice July 2020
tep0920 Uncertainty Shocks and the Cross-Border Funding of Banks: Unmasking Heterogeneity Agustín Bénétrix and Michael Curran July 2020
tep0820 Auditors' conflict of interest: does random selection work Guglielmo Barone, Laura Conti, Gaia Narciso and Marco Tonello April 2020
tep0720 Who Watches the Watchmen? Local News and Police Behaviour in the United States Nicola Mastrorocco and Arianna Ornaghi February 2020
tep0620 Site-Specific Agronomic Information and Technology Adoption: A Field Experiment from Ethiopia Hailemariam Ayalew, Jordan Chamberlin and Carol Newman January 2020
tep0520 The Rise and Fall of Social Democracy, 1918-2017 Giacomo Benedetto, Simon Hix and Nicola Mastrorocco January 2020
tep0420 Organised Crime, Captured Politicians and the Allocation of Public Resources Marco Di Cataldo and Nicola Mastrorocco January 2020
tep0320 Firm or bank weakness? Access to finance since the European sovereign debt crisis Giuseppe Corbisiero and Donata Faccia January 2020
tep0220 The Long-Run Impact of Historical Shocks on the Decision to Migrate: Evidence from the Irish Migration Gaia Narciso, Battista Severgnini and Gayane Vardanyan January 2020
tep0120 Cross-Border Currency Exposures. New Evidence based on an enhanced and updated dataset Agustin Benetrix, Deepali Gautam, Luciana Juvenal and Martin Schmitz
January 2020

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Number Title Author Date
tep1319 The Rise and Fall of Social Democracy, 1918-2017 Giacomo Benedetto, Simon Hix and Nicola Mastrorocco December 2019
tep1119 Financial Flows Centrality: Empirical Evidence using Bilateral Capital Flows Rogelio V. Mercado, Jr. and Shanty Noviantie December 2019
tep1019 Group incentives for the public good: a field experiment on improving the urban environment Carol Newman, Tara Mitchell, Marcus Holmlund and Chloe Fernandez November 2019
tep0919 Vertical Integration in the presence of a Cost-Reducing Technology Benoit Voudon September 2019
tep0819 Technology Adoption under Asymmetric Market Structure Benoit Voudon September 2019
tep0719 Investment in Education and Economic Growth on the Island of Ireland John FitzGerald April 2019
tep0619 The Northern Ireland Economy: Problems and Prospects John FitzGerald and Edgar L.W. Morgenroth July 2019
tep0519 Revisiting External Imbalances: Insights from Sectoral Accounts Cian Allen May 2019
tep0419 Debt and Taxes: The Sale-Rent Housing Price Ratio in Dublin since 1945 Richard Keely and Ronan C. Lyons March 2019
tep0319 Introducing a Development Policy Perspective into CAP Strategic Plans Alan Matthews March 2019
tep0219 The Origins of Creativity: The Case of the Arts in the United States since 1850 Karol Jan Borowiecki February 2019
tep0119 Immigrant Artists: Enrichment or Displacement? Karol Jan Borowiecki and Kathryn Graddy February 2019

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Number Title Author Date
tep1218 Micro-insurance at Scale: Evidence on Impact from Rwanda Anuj Pratap Singh September 2018
tep1118 Conned by a Cashback? Disclosure, Nudges and Consumer Rationality in Mortgage Choice Michael King and Anuj Pratap Singh November 2018
tep0918 The Political Economy of Reforms in Central Bank Design: Evidence from a New Dataset Davide Romelli September 2018
tep0818 Bilateral Capital Flows: Gravity, Push and Pull Rogelio V. Mercado, Jr. August 2018
tep0718 The Tripple Trigger? Negative Equity, Income Shocks and Institutions as Determinants of Mortgage Default Andrew Linn and Ronan C Lyons August 2018
tep0618 The CAPM, National Stock Market Betas and Macroeconomic Covariates: A Global Analysis Michael Curran and Adnan Velic August 2018
tep0518 Picture or Playground: Valuing Coastal Amenities Tom Gillespie, Stephen Hynes and Ronan C Lyons May 2018
tep0418 National Accounts for a Global Economy: the Case of Ireland John FitzGerald May 2018
tep0318 Implications of Brexit for developing countries' agri-food trade Alan Matthews March 2018
tep0218 Bilateral Capital Flows: Transaction Patterns and Gravity Rogelio Mercado Jr. February 2018
tep0118 Managing a Century of Debt John Fitzgerald and Seán Kenny February 2018

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Number Title Author Date
tep2117 'Till Debt Do Us Part': Financial Implications of the Divorce of the Irish Free State from the UK, 1922-6 John Fitzgerald and Seán Kenny November 2017
tep2017 Inspiring women: Experimental evidence on sharing entrepreneurial skills in Uganda Patrick Lubega, Frances Nakakawa, Gaia Narciso, Carol Newman and Cissy Kityo September 2017
tep1917 The Silent Treatment: LGBT Discrimination in the Sharing Economy Rishi Ahuja & Ronan C. Lyons August 2017
tep1817 Toxic Roads: Unearthing Hazardous Waste Dumping Caterina Gennaioli & Gaia Narciso July 2017
tep1717 Financial deglobalisation in banking? Robert N. McCauley, Agustín S. Bénétrix, Patrick M. McGuire, Goetz von Peter July 2017
tep1617 The development-related impacts of EU agricultural policy Alan Matthews June 2017
tep1517 The Trade Impacts of the Naming and Shaming of Forced and Child Labor Margaryta Klymak June 2017
tep1417 Current Account Imbalances, Real Exchange Rates, and Nominal Exchange Rate Variability Adnan Velic May 2017
tep1317 The Role of Stock-Flow Adjustment during the Global Financial Crisis Katharina Bergant May 2017
tep1217 Automation, New Technology, and Non-Homothetic Preferences Clemens Struck & Adnan Velic May 2017
tep1117 Economic Convergence, Capital Accumulation, and Income Traps: Empirical Evidence Cyn-Young Park & Rogelio Mercado April 2017
tep1017 The Currency Composition of International Portfolio Assets Vahagn Galstyan, Caroline Mehigan & Rogelio Mercado March 2017
tep0917 Real Exchange Rate Persistence and Country Characteristics Michael Curran & Adnan Velic March 2017
tep0817 On the Factor Content of Trade George Sorg-Langhans, Clemens Struck & Adnan Velic March 2017
tep0717 Credit conditions and the housing price ratio: evidence from Ireland's bubble and crash Ronan C. Lyons March 2017
tep0617 A local idea space: the value of personal and thematic proximity in academic research Lukas Kuld February 2017
tep0417 The Impact of Employment on Housing Prices: Detailed Evidence from FDI in Ireland Kerri Agnew & Ronan Lyons February 2017
tep0317 Cross-Border Banking and Macroeconomic Determinants Mary Everett & Vahagn Galstyan February 2017
tep0217 International Investment Patterns: The Case of German Sectors Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic January 2017
tep0117 To Augment Or Not To Augment? A Conjecture On Asymmetric Technical Change Clemens Struck & Adnan Velic January 2017

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Number Title Author Date
tep2216 The Deep Roots of Rebellion: Evidence from the Irish Revolution Gaia Narciso & Battista Severgnini December 2016
tep2116 Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary in the Philippines? Rogelio Mercado Jr. December 2016
tep2016 Not All Surges of Gross Capital Inflows Are Alike Rogelio Mercado Jr. December 2016
tep1916 Domestic Factors and Episodes of Gross Capital Inflows Rogelio Mercado Jr. December 2016
tep1816 May I have this dance? Dance participation and attendance in Denmark Karol Jan Borowiecki & Catarina Marvao November 2016
tep1716 Changes in Cultural Consumption: Ethnographic Collections in Wikipedia Trilce Navarrete & Karol Jan Borowiecki November 2016
tep1616 Digitization of heritage collections as indicator of innovation Karol Jan Borowiecki & Trilce Navarrete November 2016
tep1516 Relative Prices, Non-Homothetic Preferences, and Product Quality Clemens Struck & Adnan Velic August 2016
tep1416 The Old Connection Sundered? Ireland and the UK since 1916 Patrick Honohan August 2016
tep1316 Quality Observability and the Structure of Agricultural Supply Chains Tara Mitchell August 2016
tep1216 Factors Influencing the Diffusion of Information and Communications Technology: Are Developing Countries Different? Tara Mitchell August 2016
tep1116 Competing Gains From Trade Clemens Struck & Adnan Velic August 2016
tep1016 Taxation, Debt and Relative Prices in the Long Run: The Irish Experience Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic July 2016
tep0916 The Holders and Issuers of International Portfolio Securities Vahagn Galstyan, Philip R. Lane, Caroline Mehigan & Rogelio Mercado July 2016
tep0816 Public Debt and Relative Prices in a Cross-Section of Countries Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic June 2016
tep0716 Foreign Bank Identity: Does it Matter for Credit Growth? Caroline Mehigan March 2016

Bilateral Adjustment of Bank Assets: Boom
and Bust

Caroline Mehigan

March 2016
tep0516 The Effect of Energy Efficiency Labeling: Bunching and Prices in the Irish Residential Property Market Marie Hyland, Anna Alberini & Seán Lyons March 2016
tep0416 Debt Thresholds and Real Exchange Rates: An Emerging Markets Perspective Vahagn Galstyan & Adnan Velic March 2016

LIML Estimation of Import Demand and Export Supply Elasticities

Vahagn Galstyan March 2016
tep0216 Fiscal Policy and Financial Distress: A Balance Sheet Perspective John Fitzgerald & Philip R. Lane January 2016
tep0116 Cross-Currency Exposures to the Swiss Franc* Agustín S. Benetrix & Philip R. Lane January 2016

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Number Title Author Date
tep0815 Financial Cycles and Fiscal Cycles Agustín S. Benetrix & Philip R. Lane December 2015
tep0715 Impact of EU’s agricultural and fisheries policies on the migration of third country nationals to the EU Alan Matthews October 2015
tep0615 Macro-Financial Stability under EMU Philip R. Lane August 2015
tep0515 The Funding of the Irish Domestic Banking System During the Boom Philip R. Lane August 2015

The Price Effect of Building Energy Ratings in the Dublin Residential Market

Ronan C. Lyons, Sean Lyons & Sarah Stanley June 2015
tep0315 Will Economic Partnership Agreements increase poverty? The case of Uganda Ole Boysen & Alan Matthews June 2015
tep0215 Implications of British exit from the EU for the Irish agri-food sector Alan Matthews April 2015

Birth Location, Migration and Clustering of Important Composers: Historical Patterns

John O'Hagan & Karol J. Borowiecki

February 2015

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Number Title Author Date

Applied LATEX for Economists, Social Scientists and Others

John C. Frain June 2014
tep0114 How Are You, My Dearest Mozart? Well-being and Creativity of Three Famous Composers Based on their Letters Karol J. Borowiecki January 2014

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Number Title Author Date
tep0613 Price signals in illiquid markets:The case of residential property in Ireland, 2006-2012 Ronan C. Lyons December 2013
tep0513 Inside a bubble and crash: Evidence from the valuation of amenities Ronan C. Lyons December 2013
tep0413 Video Games Playing: A substitute for cultural consumptions? Karol J. Borowiecki & Juan Prieto-Rodriguez November 2013
tep0313 Reducing Electricity Demand through Smart Metering: The Role of Improved Household Knowledge James Carroll, Sean Lyons & Eleanor Denny November 2013

Agglomeration Economies in Classical Music

Karol Jan Borowiecki September 2013

Do decoupled payments affect investment financing constraints? Evidence from Irish agriculture

Conor M. O'Toole, Thia Hennessy August 2013

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Number Title Author Date

Telecracy: Testing for Channels of Persuasion

Guglielmo Barone, Francesco D'Acunto & Gaia Narciso December 2012
tep0312 History Matters: The Origins of Cultural Supply in Italy Karol Jan Borowiecki August 2012
tep0212 Cultural Participation and Tourism Flows in Italy Karol Jan Borowiecki & Concetta Castiglione July 2012
tep0112 Rationally Expected Externalities: The Implications for Optimal Waste Discharge and Recycling R.A. Somerville January 2012

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Number Title Author Date
tep2211 Home Bias and Prediction Markets: Evidence from the Racetrack Paul Scanlon December 2011
tep2111 The effect of mafia on public transfers Guglielmo Barone & Gaia Narciso December 2011
tep2011 Innovation versus Imitation: Intellectual Property Rights in a North-South Framework Michael Wycherley December 2011
tep1911 A Site Value Tax for Ireland: Approach, Design and Implementation Micheal L. Collins & Adam Larragy December 2011
tep1811 An Economic Evaluation of Incineration as a Residual Municipal Solid Waste Management Option in Ireland Erik O'Donovan & Micheál L. Collins November 2011
tep1711 War and Individual Creativity: Tentative Evidence in Relation to Composers Karol Jan Borowiecki & John W. O'Hagan October 2011
tep1611 Delegation and Motivation Lukas Angst & Karol Jan Borowiecki October 2011
tep1511 Immigration and the demand for life insurance: Evidence from Canada, 1911 Alan de Bromhead & Karol Jan Borowiecki October 2011
tep1411 Historical Patterns Based on Automatically Extracted Data: the Case of Classical Composers Karol Jan Borowiecki & John W. O'Hagan October 2011
tep1311 Emigration and Wages: The EU Enlargement Experiment Benjamin Elsner January 2011
tep1211 Tax Expenditures: Revenue and Information Forgone - the experience of Ireland Micheál L. Collins & Mary Walsh August 2011
tep1111 Does Competition Kill? The Case of Classical Composers Karol Jan Borowiecki & Georgios Kavetsos June 2011
tep1011 Dynamics of a Protected Housing Market: The Case of Switzerland Karol Jan Borowiecki June 2011
tep0911 The Demand for Theatre. A Microeconomic Approach to the Italian Case Concetta Castiglione April 2011
tep0811 Are Composers Different? Historical Evidence on Conflict-induced Migration (1816-1997) Karol Jan Borowiecki March 2011
tep0711 War and Creativity: Solving the War-Art Puzzle for Classical Music Composition Karol Jan Borowiecki March 2011
tep0611 Geographic Clustering and Productivity: An Instrumental Variable Approach for Classical Composers Karol Jan Borowiecki March 2011
tep0511 Conflict-induced Migration of Composers: An Individual-level Study Karol Jan Borowiecki March 2011
tep0411 CAP Reform and Its Impact on Structural Change and Productivity Growth: A Cross Country Analysis Andrius Kazukauskas & Carol Newman & Johannes Sauer February 2011
tep0311 The role of fundamental Q and financing frictions in agricultural investment decisions: an analysis pre and post financial crisis Conor M. O'Toole & Carol Newman & Thia Hennessy February 2011
tep0211 Political Institutions, Voter Turnout and Policy Outcomes Eileen Fumagalli & Gaia Narciso February 2011
tep0111 Rule of law and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: evidence for carbon emissions Concetta Castiglione & Davide Infante & Janna Smirnova January 2011

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Number Title Author Date
tep0310 Seller Concentration in Irish Services: Evidence from the Annual Services Inquiry Patrick McCloughan & Conor M. O'Toole December 2010
tep0210 Introduction to STATA with Econometrics in Mind John C Frain February 2010
tep0100 An Introduction to Matlab for Econometrics John C Frain February 2010

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Number Title Author Date
tep0209 Economies of Scale in Production versus Diseconomies in Transportation: On Structural Change in the German Dairy Industry Ole Boysen & Carsten Schröder November 2009
tep0109 The Role of Technology, Investment and Ownership Structure in the Productivity Performance of the Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam Carol Newman, Gaia Narciso, Finn Tarp & Vu Xuan Nguyet Hong October 2009

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Number Title Author Date
tep0408 ICT Investments and Technical Efficiency in Italian Manufacturing Firms: The Productivity Paradox Revisited Concetta Castiglione October 2008
tep0308 Value at Risk (VaR) and the alpha-stable distribution
John C. Frain May 2008
tep0208 Trade and Empire, 1700-1870 Kevin H. O’Rourke, Leandro Prados de la Escosura & Guillaume Daudin May 2008
tep0108 Maximum Likelihood Estimates of Regression Coefficients with alpha-stable residuals and Day of Week effects in Total Returns on Equity Indices John C. Frain May 2008

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Number Title Author Date
tep1207 Land Titles and Rice Production in Vietnam
Katleen Van den Broeck, Carol Newman & Finn Tarp December 2007
tep1007 Do Employers Support Immigration? Yuji Tamura October 2007
tep1007 Sector Switching: An Unexplored Dimension of Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries Carol Newman, John Rand & Finn Tarp September 2007
tep0907 A Comparison of Stochastic Frontier Approaches to Estimating Inefficiency and Total Factor Productivity: An Application to Irish Dairy Farming James Carroll, Carol Newman & Fiona Thorne June 2007
tep0807 Economic Base Multipliers Revisited Derek Bond, Michael J. Harrison & Edward J. O'Brien June 2007
tep0707 Understanding Production in the Performing Arts: A Production Function for German Public Theatres Marta Zieba & Carol Newman June 2007
tep0607 Do fiscal rules cause budgetary outcomes? Signe Krogstrup & Sébastien Wälti April 2007
tep0507 Risk, Government and Globalization: International Survey Evidence Anna Maria Mayda, Kevin H. O’Rourke & Richard Sinnott April 2007
tep0407 Globalization, Growth and Distribution in Spain 1500-1913 Joan R. Rosés, Kevin H. O’Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson April 2007
tep0307 Women and budget deficits Sébastien Wälti & Signe Krogstrup April 2007
tep0207 Small sample power of tests of normality when the alternative is an alpha-stable distribution John C. Frain February 2007
tep0107 Power and Plenty: Trade, War and the World Economy in the Second Millennium (Preface) Ronald Findlay & Kevin H. O'Rourke February 2007

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Number Title Author Date
tep200615 Purchasing Power Parity: The Irish Experience Re-visited Derek Bond & Michael J. Harrison & Edward J. O'Brien November 2006
tep200611 Reference Dependent Financial Satisfaction over the Course of the Celtic Tiger: A Panel Analysis Utilising the Living in Ireland Survey 1994-2001 Liam Delaney, Carol Newman & Brian Nolan June 2006
tep2009 Measuring the Benefits of Mobile Number Portability Sean Lyons May 2006
tep2008 War and Welfare: Britain, France and the United States 1807-14 Kevin H. O'Rourke February 2006
tep2007 Did Vasco da Gama Matter for European Markets? Testing Frederick Lane's Hypotheses Fifty Years Later Kevin H. O'Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson February 2006
tep2006 Some Empirical Observations on the Forward Exchange Rate Anomaly Derek Bond, Michael J. Harrison, Niall Hession & Edward J. O'Brien January 2006

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Number Title Author Date
Testing for Long Memory and Nonlinear Time Series: A Demand for Money Study Derek Bond, Michael J. Harrison & Edward J. O'Brien October 2005
tep20020 Testing which proposed regulations need “competition-proofing” Sean Lyons October 2005
tep200515 Did political constraints bind during transition? Evidence from Czech elections 1990 - 2002 Orla Doyle & Patrick Paul Walsh September 2005
tep17          A Tobit Model of Quick Service Expenditure in Ireland: Parametric vs Semiparametric Estimation Conor Keelan, Carol Newman & Maeve Henchion September 2005
tep9 The worldwide economic impact of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars Kevin O’Rourke August 2005
tep8 Risk Equalisation and Competition in the Irish Health Insurance Market Sean Barrett August 2005
tep7 Risk, Strategy, and Optimal Timing of M&A Activity J. Thijssen August 2005
tep6 Nearly-complete Decomposability and Stochastic Stability with an Application to Cournot Oligopoly J. Thijssen August 2005
tep5 Habits in Consumption, Transactions Learning And Economic Growth Constantin Gurdgiev August 2005
tep4 Investigating Nonlinearity: A Note on the Estimation of Hamilton’s Random Field Regression Model D. Bond, M.J. Harrision & E.J. O, Brien August 2005
tep3 Embedding Consumer Taste for Location into a Structural Model of Equilibrium Patrick Paul Walsh & Franco Mariuzzo August 2005
tep200511 Optimal Taxation Policy in the Presence of Comprehensive Reference Externalities Constantin Gurdgiev August 2005
tep2 Uncertainty and Risk:From Entitlement Theory of Justice to Inalienable Rights Constantin Gurdgiev August 2005
tep16 A Global Perspective on External Positions Philip Lane & Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti August 2005
tep14 Estimating Productivity Dynamics During Institutional Change: An Application To Chinese State Owned Enterprises 1980-1994 Patrick Paul Walsh & Peter McGoldrick August 2005
tep13 The Effect of Differences in Buyer and Non-Buyer Characteristics on Equilibrium Price-Elasticities: an Empirical Study on the Italian Automobile Market Franco Mariuzzo August 2005
tep12 The Determinants Of Charitable Donations In The Republic Of Ireland James Carroll, Siobhan McCarthy & Carol Newman August 2005
tep10 Merger Control in Differentiated Product Patrick Paul Walsh, Franco Mariuzzo & Ciara Whelan August 2005
tep1 The Costs of Doing Hard Time: A penitentiary-based regional price index for Canada, 1883-1923 Chris Minns & Mary Mackinnon May 2005

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Number Title Author Date
Submission to the OECD Review of Higher Education in Ireland, 2004 Sean D. Barrett 2004
20044 Technical Efficiency in Irish Manufacturing Industry, 1991-1999 Ali Ugur 2004
20043 When Stackelberg and Cournot Equilibria Coincide Luca Colombo & Paola Labrecciosa 2004
20042          The Determinants of Individual Attitudes Towards Immigration
Kevin H. O'Rourke & Richard Sinnott 2004
20041 Monetary Theory of Inflation and the LBD in Transactions Technology Constantin T. Gurdgiev 2004

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Number Title Author Date
200317 Agriculture after Cancun Alan Matthews 2003
200316 Evolution of Conjectures in Cournot Oligopoly Jacco Thijssen 2003
200315 The Era of Free Migration: Lessons for Today Kevin H. O’Rourke 2003
200314 The Macroeconomics of International Financial Trade Philip R. Lane 2003
200313 Sustainable Development Research in Agriculture: Gaps and Opportunities for Ireland Alan Matthews 2003
200312 Investigating Nonlinearity: A Note on the Implementation of Hamilton's Methodology D. Bond, M. Harrison & E.J. O'Brien 2003
200311 Incentives, Technology and the Shift to Year-Round Dairying in Late 19th Century Denmark Ingrid Henriksen & Kevin H. O'Rourke 2003
200310 The Effects of Information on Strategic Investment and Welfare J.J.J. Thijssen, K.J.M. Huisman & P.M. Kort 2003
20039 Public Spending Management and Macroeconomic Interdependence Giovanni Ganelli 2003
20038 Heckscher-Ohlin Theory and Individual Attitudes Towards Globalisation International Financial Integration Kevin H. O’Rourke 2003
20037 Exogenous Liquidity Supply in Presence of Repudiation Risk and Private Asset Recovery International Financial Integration Constantin T. Gurdgiev 2003
20036 Migration Flows: Political Economy of Migration and the Empirical Challenges Kevin H. O'Rourke & R. Sinnott 2003
20035 Wealth, Volume and Stock Market Volatility: Case of Hong Kong (1993-2001) Matthew C. Li 2003
20034 Divergent Inflation Rates in EMU Philip R. Lane & Patrick Honohan 2003
20033 The International Community and the CIS-7 Philip R. Lane 2003
20032 Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Policy in Emerging Market Economies Philip R. Lane 2003
20031 International Financial Integration Philip R. Lane & G.M. Milesi-Ferretti 2003

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Number Title Author Date
200215 Fiscal Policy Rules in an Overlapping Generations Model with Endogenous Labour Supply Giovanni Ganelli 2002
200214 The New Open Economy Macroeconomics of Government Debt Giovanni Ganelli 2002
200213 Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in an Uncertain World: Lessons for European Policymakers Philip R. Lane 2002
200212 Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis: The Open Economy Dimension Philip R. Lane & Giovanni Ganelli 2002
200211 Understanding Bilateral Exchange Rate Volatility Michael B. Devereux & Philip R. Lane 2002
200210 Cross-Country Evidence on the Link between the Level of Infrastructure and Capital Inflows Mathias Hoffmann 2002
20029 The IMAGE CGE Model: Understanding the Model Structure, Code and Solution Methods Ronnie O'Toole & Alan Matthews 2002
20028 Impact of the 2001 Foot and Mouth Outbreak on the Irish Economy Ronnie O'Toole, Alan Matthews & Michael Mulvey 2002
20027 The IMAGE CGE Model: Constructing the Base 1993 database
Ronnie O'Toole & Alan Matthews 2002
20026 Foreign Direct Investment And Productivity Spillovers In The Irish Manufacturing Industry: Evidence From Firm Level Panel Data Frances Ruane & Ali Ugur 2002
20025 From Malthus to Ohlin: Trade, Growth and Distribution Since 1500 Kevin H. O'Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson 2002
20024 Globalization, Europeanization and Trade in the 1990s: Export Responses of Foreign and Indigenous Manufacturing Companies Frances Ruane & Julie Sutherland 2002
20023 Determinants of Private Afforestation in the Republic of Ireland Siobhan McCarthy, Alan Matthews & Brendan Riordan 2002
20022 The Cyclical Behaviour of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from the OECD Philip R. Lane 2002
20021 Europe and the causes of globalization, 1790 to 2000 Kevin H. O’Rourke 2002

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Number Title Author Date
200121 External Wealth, the Trade Balance, and the Real Exchange Rate Philip R. Lane & Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti 2001
200120 Culture, politics and innovation: evidence from the creameries Kevin H. O'Rourke 2001
200119 A Double-Hurdle Model of Irish Household Expenditure on Prepared Meals Carol Newman, Maeve Henchion & Alan Matthews 2001
200118 How Important is Agriculture and the Agrifood Sector in Ireland? Alan Matthews 2001
200117 Utilising agricultural tariff rate quotas as a development instrument Alan Matthews & Cathie Laroche-Dupraz 2001
200100 The Importance of Composition of Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Different Exchange Rate Regimes Philip R. Lane & Roberto Perotti 2001
200115 The Possible Impact of China's WTO Membership on the WTO Agricultural Negotiations Alan Matthews 2001
200114 Has agricultural policy responded to the Rio challenge? Alan Matthews 2001
200113 Commodity market integration, 1500-2000 R. Findlay & K. H. O'Rourke 2001
200112 Long-Term Capital Movements Philip Lane & Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti 2001
200111 Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy in Emerging Market Economies Michael B. Devereux & Philip Lane 2001
200100 The Determinants of Individual Trade Policy Preferences: International Survey Evidence K. H. O'Rourke & R. Sinnott 2001
20019 Globalization and Inequality: Historical Trends K. H. O’Rourke 2001
20018 Bus Deregulation in Ireland S. D. Barrett 2001
20017 The National Pensions Reserve Fund: Pitfalls and Opportunities P.R. Lane 2001
20016 After Columbus: Explaining the Global Trade Boom 1500-1800
K. H. O'Rourke & J. G. Williamson 2001
20015 The Empirics of Foreign Reserves Philip Lane & Dominic Burke 2001
20014 THE EXTERNAL WEALTH OF NATIONS: Measures of Foreign Assets and Liabilities For Industrial and Developing Countries Philip Lane & Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti 2001
20013 The position of the developing countries in the WTO negotiations on agricultural trade liberalisation Alan Matthews 2001
20012 U.S. and U.K. Inflation: Evidence on Structural Change in the Order of Integration R. Sollis 2001
20011 U.S. and U.K. Interest Rates 1890 - 1934: New Evidence on Structural Breaks P. Newbold, S. J. Leybourne, R. Sollis & M. E. Wohar 2001

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Number Title Author Date
200010 Multilateral Trade Reform in Agriculture and the Developing Countries Matthews, A. 2000
20009 The Economics Of Competition In Health Insurance- The Irish Case Study Barrett, S. D. 2000
20008 The Determinants Of Firm Start-Up Size: A Comparison Of Ireland And Portugal
Holger Görg, Eric Strobl & Frances Ruane 2000
20007 'Protecting' the National Artistic Patrimony; An Economics Perspective John O'Hagan & Clare McAndrew 2000
20006 Export Restrictions, Tax Incentives and the National Artistic Patrimony
Clare McAndrew & John O'Hagan 2000
20005 The WTO agricultural trade negotiations after Seattle Alan Matthews 2000
20004 Undefining Market Power John Fingleton 2000
20003 Competitiveness and Contestability in the Irish Media Sector Sean D. Barrett 2000
20002 Sunk Costs and the Growth and Failure of Small Business Patrick Paul Walsh 2000
20001 Job Creation and Job Destruction in the Russian Federation Alessandro Acquisti & Hartmut Lehmann 2000

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Number Title Author Date
9912 Farm Technical Efficiency and Extension O'Neill, S. & Matthews, A. & Leavy, A 1999
9911 Globalisation and Fragmentation: Evidence from the Electronics Industry in Ireland Görg, H & Ruane, F 1999
9910 European Integration and Peripherality: Are There Lessons from Ireland Görg, H & Ruane, F 1999
999 John Kells Ingram (1823-1907) Barrett, S.D. 1999
998 The E.C. Green Paper ON Vertical Restraints: Option IV Defended O'Toole, F 1999
997 The Tangible Contribution of R&D Spending Foreign-Owned Plants to a Host Region: a Plant Level Study of the Irish Manufacturing Sector (1980-1996) Kearns, A & Ruane, F 1999
996 Pegging To The Dollar And The Euro Lane, P & Honohan, P 1999
995 International Investment Positions: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Lane, P 1999
994 Asymmetric Shocks and Monetary Policy in a Currency Union Lane, P 1999
993 The New Open Economy Macroeconomics: A Survey Lane, P 1999
992 Inequality and Growth Revisited Figini, P 1999
991 The "Regional Problem", Urban Disadvantage and Development Drudy, P.J. & Punch, M 1999

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Number Title Author Date
Technical Papers Series


Analysing Foreign Market Entry: The Choice between Greenfield Investment and Acquisitions

Görg, H.



A re-examination of an Irish government popularity function

Harrison, M. and Marsh, M.



Industrial Specialisation and Public Procurement: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Brülhart, M. and Trionfetti, F.



Irish Competition Policy and the Macroeconomy

Barry, F. and O'Toole, F.



Taxation and Savings in Ireland

O'Toole, F. and Warrington, P.



Grime and Punishment: Job Insecurity and Wage Arrears in the Russian Federation

Lehmann, H., Wadsworth, J. and Acquisti, A.



Measuring Inequality: On the Correlation of Indices

Figini, P.



Inequality Measures, Equivalence Scales and Adjustment for Household Size and Composition

Figini, P.



North-South Lending with Moral Hazard and Repudiation Risk

Lane, P.



Technology and Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland

Meyler, A.



International Diversification and the Irish Economy

Lane, P.



What Determines the Nominal Exchange Rate? Some Cross-Sectional Evidence

Lane, P.



Linkages between Multinationals and Indigenous Firms: Evidence for the Electronics Sector in Ireland

Görg, H. and Ruane, F.



Multinational Companies and Wage Inequality in the Host Country: The Case of Ireland

Figini, P. and Görg, H.



The Post-Entry Performance of Irish Plants: Does a Plant’s Technological Activity Matter?

Kearns, A. and Ruane, F.


Policy Papers Series
98/1 Global Integration, Factor Mobility and EMU: Implications for the Irish Economy D. McAleese 1998
98/2 International Development Assistance and Food Security A. Matthews 1998
98/3 The Regional Dimension of Industrial Policy and Performance in the Republic of Ireland Killen, L. and Ruane, F. 1998

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Number Title Author Date
Technical Papers Series
97/1 Non-Standard Employment in Irish Manufacturing: Do Firm Characteristics Matter? Görg, H.; Killen, L. and Ruane, F. 1997
97/2 Measuring Sectoral Patterns of US Investment in EU Member Countries, 1983-1994 Görg, H. and Ruane, F. 1997
97/3 Looking for Spot in the Presence of Futures Ramaswamy, K. and Waldron, P. 1997
97/4 Extending the Mean-Variance Framework to test the Attractiveness of Skewness to Lotto Players Purfield, C. and Waldron, P. 1997
97/6 On the Small Sample Distribution of the R/S Statistic
Harrison, M. and Treacy, G. 1997
97/7 The Effect of Real Exchange Rate Movements on the Life Expectancy of Manufacturing Plants in Ireland, 1973-94 Konings, J. and Walsh, P.P. 1997
97/8 Price Dispersion and Strategic Outcomes: An Analysis of the Irish Independent Grocery Sector Walsh, P.P. and Whelan, C. 1997
97/9 Regional Employment Performance of Irish Industry, 1972-96: A Job Flow Analysis Meyler, A. and Strobl, E. 1997
Policy Papers Series
97/1 Standards of Competition in the Irish Economy Fingleton, J. 1997
97/2 Taxation and the Consumption of Tobacco O'Hagan, J. 1997
97/3 Reflections on Irish Industrial Policy towards Foreign Direct Investment Görg, H. and Ruane, F. 1997
97/4 Structural Adjustment and Regional Long Term Unemployment in Poland Lehmann, H.; O'Flaherty, J. and Walsh, P.P. 1997
97/5 "To R&D or not to R&D, that is the Question": A Firm Level Study of Employment Growth in the Irish Manufacturing Sector, 1986-1995 Kearns, A. and Ruane, F. 1997

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Number Title Author Date
Technical Papers Series
96/1 The Optimality of Loss Leading in Multi-Product Retail Pricing: A Rationale for Repealing the 1987 Groceries Order in Ireland Walsh, P.P. and Whelan, C. 1996
96/2 A Production Function Explanation of Irish Economic Growth 1951-1984 Sadeg, M. A 1996
96/3 Gambling on Lotto Numbers: Testing for Substitutability or Complementarity using Semi-Weekly Turnover Data Purfield, C. and Waldron, P. 1996
96/4 A Note on Gary Fields' Index of Income Inequality Figini, P. 1996
96/5 Competition between Intermediated and Direct Trade and the Timing of Disintermediation Fingleton, J. 1996
96/6 New Jobs, Worklessness and Households in Poland Lehmann, H. and Wadsworth, J. 1996
96/7 Competition among Middlemen when Buyers and Sellers can Trade Directly Fingleton, J. 1996
96/8 The Examination Papers for the Whately Professorship of Political Economy: Responses of a Science and Ideology to the Great Irish Famine Nien-hê Hsieh 1996
96/9 Optimal Determination of Bookmakers' Betting Odds: Theory and Tests Fingleton, J. and Waldron, P. 1996
96/10 Structural Change and Long-Term Unemployment in Ireland Strobl, E. and Walsh, P. 1996
Policy Papers Series
96/1 Access to and Participation in the Arts: The Case of those with Low Incomes/Educational Attainment O'Hagan, J. 1996
96/2 The Outlook for European Aviation Barrett, S. 1996

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Number Title Author Date
Technical Papers Series
95/2 The Effect of Foreign Competition on UK Firm Level Employment: Theory and Evidence Konings, J. and Walsh, P.P. 1995
95/3 The Impact of Discriminatory Legislation on Irish Female Unemployment Flows Harrison, M.J., Strobl, E. and Walsh, P.P. 1995
95/4 Scale Economies, Intra-Industry Trade and Industry Location in the "New Trade Theory" Brülhart, M. 1995
95/5 Industrial Specialisation in the European Union: A Test of The "New Trade Theory" Brülhart, M. 1995
Policy Papers Series
95/1 Dublin Theatre: An Economic Analysis of the Abbey Theatre O' Hagan, J.W. 1995
95/2 National Museums: To Charge or not to Charge O' Hagan, J.W. 1995
95/3 Measuring the Impact of the Competition Act 1991 Massey, P. and O' Hare, P. 1995
95/4 The Disappearing Budget Constraint on EU Agricultural Policy Matthews, A. 1995

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Number Title Author Date
Technical Papers Series
94/1 Cartel Stability and the Joint Executive Committee 1880-1886 Lobato, I.N. and Walsh, P.P. 1994
94/2 Marginal Intra-Industry Trade: Measurement and Relevance Brülhart, M. 1994
94/3 Economic Integration and New Firm Foundation: Evidence from the UK and Ireland Burke, A.E. 1994
94/4 Compulsory Voting and Government Expenditure O'Toole, F. and Strobl, E. 1994
94/5 A Flow Analysis of the Link between Irish and British Unemployment Harrison, M.J. and Walsh, P.P. 1994
94/6 Small Firm Start-Up in the Record Industry Burke, A.E. 1994
Policy Papers Series
94/1 The Impact of the GATT Uruguay Round Agreement for the Irish Economy Matthews, A. 1994
94/2 A Projection of Irish Agricultural Structure Using Markov Chain Analysis, 1985-2000 McKeon, O.H. 1994
94/3 Unsustainable Parities: The Exchange Rate Mechanism in Crisis Davis, M. 1994

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