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Joint Honors Modules

Programme Requirements for Joint Honors Students 2021/22

Senior Sophister (Year 4) Modules

All modules are available in 10 ECTS and 5 ECTS versions.

Pattern A students must take modules equivalent to 30 ECTS: 15 ECTS in Semester 1 and 15 ECTS in Semester 2, making sure to take one 10 ECTS module and one 5 ECTS module in each Semester. The 20 credit ECU44100 (Capstone) constitutes 10 ECTs credits per semester. TSM Economics & Maths students may only choose Quantitative Methods (ECU44151/ECU44152/ECU44153/ECU44154) as a Mathematics module – for ECTS requirements please check with the School of Mathematics. These students are exempt from the ECU33081/ECU33082 Mathematical Economics A & B prerequisite for Quantitative Methods (ECU44151/ECU44152/ECU44153/ECU44154)

Pattern B students must take modules equivalent to 60 ECTS. Pattern B students are not permitted to take 5 ECTS versions of SS modules. Pattern B students are advised to take ECU44121 Advanced Macroeconomics and ECU44122 Game Theory modules. 


Programme Requirements for Joint Honors Students 2019/20

Junior Fresh (Year 1) Modules

All JF students must take modules equivalent to 30 ECTS. All Economics modules have an ECTS weighting of 5. Students must take 20 ECTS of the core modules: ECU11011&ECU11012 and ECU11021&ECU11022, with the exception of mathematics/economics students, who must take ECU11011&ECU11012 and STU12501&STU12502.

In addition to the above modules, students are required to choose 10 ECTS of the following optional modules (for ECTS value of each module please check the module outline):

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Module Registration Forms 2019/20

Module registration forms for the 2019/20 academic year can be downloaded by using the following links:

Junior Fresh (Word 66 KB)

Senior Fresh (Word 56 KB)

Junior Sophister (Word 65 KB)

Senior Sophister (Word 72 KB)

Please download the relevant form and email it to Forms will be accepted by email only.

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