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  • 2021 Prelims (PDF)


    A Gender Aware Analysis of Kremer's O-Ring Theory of Development, Ellen McHugh, Junior Sophister (PDF)

    The Role of Bespoke Policymaking in Sustaining Economic Growth, James Burne, Junior Sophister (PDF)

    Eastern Europe's Demographic Crisis, Niamh Howley, Junior Sophister (PDF)

    EU: Eco-Warrior or Bond Villian, Evan Henry, Junior Sophister and Greg Arrowsmith, Junior Sophister (PDF)

    The Good, The Bad And The CAP: Reforming The CAP To Accomodate The European Green Deal, Rory Simmington (PDF)

    Economic Convergence: The Role Of Institiutions And Developed Countries, Luis Faria (PDF)

    Eurozone Lessons from the Bretton Woods And Gold Standard Systems, Ryan Grunwell

Economic Policy

  • Dublin' The Population: The Case For Radical National Population Growth, Tomas O'Connell, Junior Sophister (PDF)

Applied Economics

  • Globalization And Gender: The Impact Of FDI Inflows On The Gender Pay Gap, Catriona Northcote and Helene Hololei (PDF)
  • Eastern Europe's Demographic Crisis, Niamh Howley, Junior Sophister (PDF)

Labour Economics

  • Migration & Flexicurity: Improving The Current Paradigm In EU Labour Markets, Ryan Grunwell

Political Economy

  • Media, The Political Economy And Governance: Does Media's Influence On Political Decisions Lead to 'Good' Governance? Chloe Dawson, Senior Sophister (PDF)