Welcome to the Rifle Club. Dublin University Rifle Club is one of the oldest sports clubs in Trinity. Dedicated to the sport of Target Shooting, we are one of the largest clubs in college. We compete both nationally and internationally in Air and Small-bore (.22) disciplines, with some of our top performing athletes having gone on to represent Ireland at European and World Championships.

We are open and accessible to both complete beginners and experienced shooters, whether you want to only shoot casually or to begin competing. The sport is also very accessible for different disabilities, so do get in contact if you have any questions or concerns about this. Our club provides all equipment and training required to immerse yourself in this unique sport while maintaining the highest standards of safety. In the near future we will be opening our new state of the art range on campus.

How to join

Please contact us via email or our social channels if you are interested in joining the club. Memberships can not be bought directly as health and safety screenings are mandatory for the Rifle club.


Contact Us: