Trinity Sport is delighted to announce significant updates in its commitment to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. Under the guidance of Active Disability Ireland’s ‘Sport Inclusion Disability Charter,’ Trinity Sport has introduced a range of facility upgrades aimed at ensuring equal access for everyone. Notable enhancements include the implementation of automatic doors to facilitate entry for all individuals, regardless of their mobility. In addition, a state-of-the-art pool hoist has been fitted at Trinity Sport centre swimming pool, providing invaluable support for those with disabilities to enjoy the swimming pool facilities.

Gym equipment at Trinity Sport Centre has also been upgraded, including the introduction of gripping aids for individuals with restricted lifting abilities, as well as the integration of an ‘Invictus Active’s wheelchair accessible treadmill. Further affirming its commitment to inclusivity, Trinity Sport Centre has recently launched a respite room, providing a space for relaxation and recharge for Trinity College Dublin students and staff.

Gender neutral and universal restrooms facilities were recently launched, ensuring that all members of the community feel welcome. These spaces are disability friendly and gender neutral which is reflected in our updated signage. To enhance the inclusivity of its support services, Trinity Sport has introduced ‘gym quiet hours’ which offers individuals with sensory disabilities a serene exercise environment. Social sport & physical activity sessions have been tailored for those with disabilities which has fostered an inclusive sporting environment at Trinity College Dublin.

Our commitment to inclusivity is embedded within Trinity’s sport clubs, with most sport clubs now featuring an inclusion and welfare officer on their committees, regular participation in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training ensuring all sport activities at Trinity are accessible and accommodating to everyone.

Lorraine Leeson, Associate Vice Provost for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, commented, “We are delighted to welcome these important additions, initiatives, equipment and changes to Trinity Sport’s facilities. This means that our excellent sports facilities can be utilised by all our Trinity community and that our ethos of embedding EDI within, throughout and across college life is realised. We look forward to continuing to link with Trinity Sport on their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Declan Treanor, Director of the Disability Service, said: “We often say that sports is a universal language, transcending boundaries and barriers. With these new upgrades and initiatives, Trinity Sport has ensured that this language speaks to all, irrespective of physical or sensory differences. Our students and staff bring a wealth of diversity, and it's essential that our facilities and services reflect an environment that acknowledges and celebrates this. This isn't just about accessibility, but about fostering a sense of belonging. Every step we take in this direction reaffirms our commitment to a truly inclusive Trinity community.”

Naz Velic, Sport, and Physical Activity Inclusion Officer said: “I am delighted to work towards making Trinity College Dublin more inclusive and accessible. This progress in inclusivity would not have been possible without the support of Trinity Disability Service, Counselling Service, Health Trinity and the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Unit. We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners for their continuous dedication to creating an inclusive campus environment.”

Trinity Sport’s mission is to inspire, engage, and connect people in a suitable, inclusive, and supportive environment. We are proud to take these steps in creating an inclusive and accessible space for all individuals, ensuring that everyone can enjoy sport and physical activity, regardless of ability or background.