Trinity Climbing Club take home ‘Overall Team’ Title at Intervarsities Competition:

Queen’s University Belfast hosted the Climbing Intervarsities this year, marking the first unrestricted intervarsities event since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Trinity Climbing Club walked away with the overall team title, with a group of exceptional climbers on the team including Michael O’ Neil, Mark Scanlon and Conor Orr, who are also members of the Irish climbing team.

Fergus O’ Brien, Trinity Climbing Captain commented after the event, “The win was a result of a tremendous team effort, as nine Trinity climbers made it to the finals, showcasing the depth and talent of the club’s roster.”

At the climbing intervarsities, climbers compete in two types of events: rope climbing and bouldering. In rope climbing, competitors earn points based on how far up the route they climb. The routes are designed to be challenging, so few participants are expected to complete them in their entirety. In bouldering, climbers are given a set of number of points for completing each climb, with the difficulty level of the climb determining the point value. Finalists are determined based on each climber’s overall performance in rope and bouldering.

See below for the full list of results:

Male advanced category: Michael O’ Neil, Mark Scanlon and Conor Orr.

Female advanced category: Gina Banfield, who started climbing in January 2022 came first in the bouldering round, Alena Gerasimova and Jeanne Buisson.

Male Fresher Category: Aaron Ryan and Jacob Sosnowski

Female Fresher Category: Daryna Krupa

Medals for Trinity Judo Club and the Canoe and Kayak club at their respective intervarsities events:

The Judo Intervarsities recently took place at the University of Galway, Trinity Judo club competed emerging with several individual medals (see below for full list). Trinity Judo Captain, Mark Byrd commented after the competition: “The team truly embrace the spirit of Judo, and I couldn’t be prouder of their performance. From the beginning to the end, they showcased their skill and determination, leaving nothing on the mat. Even those who were competing for the first time showed remarkable composure and poise, performing as though they were seasoned pros.”

Full list of results from the Judo Intervarsities:

Isabella Stein received gold in the women's lower kyu and bronze in the women's under 70kg

Rónán Quill received bronze in the men's upper kyu

Kevin Gill received silver in the men's novice over 73kg

Walter Koike-Sieira received bronze in the men's novice under 73kg

Cora Joy received gold in the women's under 70kg and bronze in the women's open

The canoe and kayak club competed at the Kayak Intervarisites last weekend and had some amazing results including Aoibhin Ni Bhroin who won the best female paddler, there were also podium finishes in K1, freestyle and a third place in polo.

Trinity Trampoline takes home silverware at the Scottish Student Trampoline Open (SSTO):

Trinity Trampoline Club recently competed at the Scottish Student Trampoline Open (SSTO), it was their first international competition since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The competition was one of the largest across Ireland and the UK, with over one hundred student athletes competing. Trinity Trampoline club took home silverware, all podium finishes are listed below:

Novice Ladies:
1st: Aoife Yeow
Novice Men:
1st: Declan Pan
3rd: Rue Redmond
Intermediate Ladies:
3rd: Eva McDonnell
Intervanced Men:
3rd: Craig Gillespie
Initiate Two-Trick:
1st: Matas Martinaitis