Trinity College Dublin in collaboration with Athletics Ireland have launched a ‘Community Athletics Hub’ at Iveagh Sports Grounds in Crumlin, Dublin 12. The project is supported by Sport Ireland as part of their Community Sports Hub initiative and funded through Dormant Accounts.

The goal of the community athletics hub is to increase athletic participation (including recreational walking, jogging, and running) and physical activity across all ages within the local community and among students and staff in Trinity College Dublin. A project team has been set up to oversee the planning and development of participation-based interventions and programmes which will be hosted at the hub, with the recent appointment of Cameron Molloy Moules as the Community Athletics Hub Co-ordinator. Cameron has vast experience in sport participation, having spent the past number of years working at Sport Ireland as a Cross Collaboration Project Coordinator.

Dr Linda Doyle, Provost and President of Trinity College Dublin, commented, “The Trinity College Dublin Community Athletics Hub at Iveagh Sports Grounds is a wonderful project, it is a great opportunity to foster a deeper connection with the local community and offer new opportunities for people to get involved in athletics and physical activity. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this hub will have on our community.”

Matthew Dossett, Deputy Director of Sport, and Physical Activity at Trinity College Dublin said at the launch, “We are thrilled to partner with Athletics Ireland and Sport Ireland to launch the community sports hub at Iveagh Grounds. Everything we do at Trinity Sport is about helping people to participate more in sport and physical activity so that they can reach their potential. We would like to thank Sport Ireland for providing funding for this initiative and we look forward to collaborating with Athletics Ireland to ensure the ‘Community Athletics Hub’ at Iveagh Sports Grounds is a success. We hope that through this collaboration we can create a lasting impact in the community and that this hub will provide people with a safe space to participate in athletics and physical activity.”

Rachel Ormrod, Director of Participation, Athletics Ireland commented, “Athletics Ireland is delighted to partner with Trinity College Dublin on this new and very exciting Community Athletics Hub initiative. This collaboration aims to promote and encourage participation in all forms of athletics (including recreational walking, jogging and running) across all age cohorts. Through the Community Athletics Hub we will be able to offer a range of participation opportunities specifically for people within the community. Sport Ireland investment in the hub, via the Dormant Accounts fund, is a significant endorsement for this initiative that will hopefully serve the community of Crumlin and provide opportunities for people in the community to access and engage in athletics. We very much look forward to working closely with people in the community to ensure the success of the Community Athletics Hub for all to enjoy and experience.”

Shane Califf, Director of National Governing Bodies at Sport Ireland expressed enthusiasm for the project's potential impact: "Sport Ireland are delighted to support this collaborative initiative between Athletics Ireland and Trinity College Dublin, which highlights our commitment to promoting grassroots sports and physical activity. The Community Athletics Hub will serve as a central hub for fostering a love for athletics while encouraging people of all ages and abilities to engage in regular exercise. The launch of the Community Athletics Hub, which is being supported via the Dormant Accounts Fund, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to cultivate a thriving and active community in Dublin. Sport Ireland looks forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on the lives of individuals within the local community.”

Cameron Molloy Moules as the Community Athletics Hub Co-ordinator, commented at the launch, “It is a real honour to become the co-ordinator of this brand-new Community Athletics Hub here at the historic Iveagh Sports Grounds. I believe this hub is perfectly located in a wonderful, vibrant community, with whom we hope to build meaningful connections through sport and physical activity. This project represents another important step in the continuous efforts to create opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to get active, to explore athletics, to socialise and to feel part of a community.”

For more information on the participation initiatives and to get involved in the Trinity College Dublin ‘Community Athletics Hub’ at Iveagh Sports Grounds, please contact Cameron Molloy Moules, Community Athletics Hub Co-ordinator at; Cameron and the project team are eager to connect with individuals, organisations and community groups who are interested in athletic participation and physical activity.