The historic win was down to a change in mindset, Trinity Women’s Soccer Captain, Jasmine Relf, commented: “I think it is the dedication from our team members. This year everyone who was a part of the team, held the same goals and drive to succeed. Not only that, but everyone within our team is very talented and hardworking.” She continued: “This year we have really tried to overcome the gap in knowledge and experience that the Covid-19 Pandemic caused. To do this we played as many games as possible, through friendlies, and within the league structure, this consistency played a key role in shifting the way that the committee and the players treated our training, and overall energy.”

Relf had only positive things to say about the Trinity Women’s Soccer season and the team's motivation to train and play without a coach: “It has led to a level of respect within the team because we can truly see the results of our individual efforts, we held each other accountable. While there have been difficulties and it has been a lot of work from everyone involved, it has meant that our success feels that much more significant and personal.”

Being part of the Trinity Women’s Soccer club and captaining the team to a Division One CUFL title is a highlight of Jasmine’s experience at Trinity College Dublin. “The community that we have built is amazing! I love being a part of the Trinity Women’s Soccer team. It has brought so many of us together, and I truly think that sport has really defined some of the best parts of my university experience.”


She continued, “one of my favourite memories was going to Paris last year to compete in a Women’s football tournament at HEC Paris. We were competing against women’s soccer teams from other European universities. After going for the experience, we were shocked that we ended up winning the tournament!”


The team hopes to capitalise on this win and build a successful sport club for future Trinity students, “Hopefully, in the near future, we can incorporate a second women’s soccer team, and a fresher’s team to allow more students to get involved in the sport.”


Trinity Sport is planning the launch of a ‘Women in Sport’ Campaign, an extension of Sport Ireland’s ‘Women in Sport’ Policy. The experience of the Trinity Women’s Soccer team serves as motivation for other women’s sport teams where talent, teamwork, and strong leadership can overcome a lack of resources. “It’s extremely important to define what needs to change - which is something we continue to do.” Her advice for other women’s sport teams is to take advantage of all the resources available to them: “This includes increasing communication within the community, alumni and with the team at Trinity Sport – who are there to help us.”


The Trinity Women’s Soccer Team will be playing in the Women’s European Football Tournament this Spring, where they hope to hold on to their title as reigning champions.


Trinity’s ‘Women in Sport’ Campaign:

This article is the first of several to be featured as part of Trinity’s ‘Women in Sport’ Campaign. As part of the campaign, we hope to spotlight and promote some of the remarkable women who are a part of the Trinity Sport community. Each news article written shines a light on women’s sport stories and experiences.