Trinity Health and Sport Week is taking place from the 14th – 21st of March 2024 this year. Join us for the launch event ‘Trinity on the Move’ on Thursday, March 14th, a full day of sponsored sport and physical activity at Trinity College Dublin. All money raised will go towards Trinity College Dublin student hardship funds, and you can donate here.

Gather some teammates and take part in the relay race on Trinity campus as part of our flagship event or organise sideline challenges and just keep moving. Remember! All Trinity staff are entitled to take an hour off during ‘Health and Sport week’ to exercise, click here for more information. 

Another bonus? Trinity students registered for the event will be entered in a draw to win two free Trinity Ball tickets!

How to sign up: 

Trinity on the Move Flagship Event: 

  • Form a team (minimum eight participants) with fellow members of the Trinity Community and take part in the relay race around college park OR participate as an individual.
  • Once you’ve formed a team, register your team here. If you would like to participate as an individual, register for a time slot that suits you!
  • Work with your team to decide when each member is moving. The first leg of the relay starts at 7am, and the last leg will finish at 7pm sharp! Don’t feel under pressure to complete the full twelve-hour relay run – choose available time slots that suit your team members!
  • Join the ‘Trinity on the Move’ Strava group to track your progress.
  • This is not about who’s the fastest, it’s all about having fun and raising money for the student hardship funds. So, feel free to walk, jog or run on the day. Whatever suits you.

Trinity on the Move Sideline Challenges:

  • Not one for running, but want to get involved? Just move! Our sideline events allow you to participate however and wherever works best for you or your team.
  • Walk, row, swim, bike, or dance - as long someone from your team is moving on Thursday 14th March. 
  • Join the ‘Trinity on the Move’ Strava group to track your progress.  

Students registering are required to donate €5 as individuals or €40 per team. The cost for staff and alumni is €10 (individuals) / €80 (per team). All money raised will go directly to the student hardship funds. Spread the word, take part and encourage others to do so as well.

If you have any queries, please contact and don't forget to use #TrinityOnTheMove to share your journey with us across social media.