Trinity Health and Sport Week is taking place from the 14th – 21st of March 2024 this year. Join us for the launch event ‘Trinity on the Move’ on Thursday, March 14th, a full day of sponsored sport and physical activity at Trinity College Dublin. All money raised will go towards Trinity College Dublin student hardship funds, and you can donate here.

Gather some teammates and take part in the relay race on Trinity campus as part of our flagship event or organise sideline challenges and just keep moving. Remember! All Trinity staff are entitled to take an hour off during ‘Health and Sport week’ to exercise, click here for more information. Another bonus? Trinity students registered for the event will be entered in a draw to win two free Trinity Ball tickets!

Preparation and recovery tips ahead of 'Trinity on the Move': 


  • Hydration is key - drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to the event is very important.  
  • Sleep – get your 8 hours! 
  • Listen to your body. When training for something it is important to watch out for overuse injuries. Stretch and warm-up fully before every session and don’t forget to cool down! 

On the day:

  • Prepare for the day by wearing warm layers, and packing lots of good snacks and water. 
  • Pace yourself! Stay at a pace where you could hold a broken conversation or sing a slow song. You will know from your training when you’re ready to speed up, and when it’s time to slow down. 
  • Stretch and warm up fully before the event and don't forget to cool down! A cool down can be dynamic stretching, light yoga or a swim. 
  • Have fun! You are doing something amazing and taking on a challenge for a great cause. 
  • Looking for motivational music while you take part in 'Trinity on the Move'? Trinity Library have curated a Spotify playlist that will keep you energised throughout the event. 


  • Light stretching is great way to get the blood flowing back through any sore parts of the body. 
  • Eat! Look for foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals, heavy on healthy carbohydrates, veggies, and proteins
  • Treat yourself! Reach for a protein pancake recipe, a cheesy omelette, colourful smoothie, or maybe your favourite home-cooked meal. 
  • And lastly, sleep! Although, your body probably will tell you to do that anyway. 


Signed up to the 'Trinity on the Move' Flagship Event? Here's all you need to know! 

Format of the 'Trinity on the Move' Flagship Relay Event  

  • The Relay Event will begin at 7am and will conclude at 7pm. 
  • A central hub staffed with two Trinity Sport staff members will be in place for the full duration of the event, as shown on the map below. 
  • All individual participants and relay team members are required to check in and collect their race numbers 15 minutes prior to their allotted time at the central Hub. 
  • All participants are required to check out at the central hub at the end of their allotted time. This will be a handover period for teams and their members. 


  • Route will include continuous laps around college park, stewards will be located along the route for assistance. 
  • Please be advised that the route will include traffic and vehicles, so  be mindful. 


  • Changing areas will be available at both the Pavilion Bar sport changing rooms and the Trinity Sport Centre. 


  • We recommend participants bring a bottle of water. 
  • Bags will be securely locked in the pavilion bar changing rooms however we advise participants not to bring any valuables. 
  • An informal closing reception will be held at the pavilion bar, and we welcome all to attend. 

There's still time to sign up to 'Trinity on the Move', for more information on how to sign up click here. If you have any queries, please contact and don't forget to use #TrinityOnTheMove to share your journey with us across social media.