Trinity Sport are challenging you to ‘Step Up’ and climb Mont Blanc (Europe’s highest mountain) from the 15th – 22nd March, while raising money for mental health charity Jigsaw. All proceeds raised from the Trinity Sport ‘Step Up’ challenge will go directly towards Jigsaw, a mental health charity that offers a listening ear, gives expert advice and support to young people aged 12 – 25 years old. It’s easy to get involved in the ‘Step Up’ challenge, all you need is access to a staircase to climb to the top of the 4,810m summit. Choose to complete the Trinity Sport ‘Step Up’ challenge in either 5 or 7 days from the comfort of your own home.

Saoirse Hackett, Fundraising Officer for Jigsaw commented, “We are incredibly grateful that Trinity Sport and the wider Trinity College Dublin community want to support Jigsaw at a time when there is such demand for early intervention services for young people’s mental health. By taking part in the ‘Step Up’ challenge you will be raising vital funds to support youth mental health in Ireland. You are our Jigsaw Heroes. Thank you.”

Step 1:Sign up to the ‘Step Up’ Challenge HERE
Step 2: Decide if you want to take on Mont Blanc (Europe’s highest mountain range) in a 5- or 7-day challenge
Step 3: Count the steps on your staircase at home or find the nearest staircase outdoors.
Step 4: Check on our calculator how many flights you should attempt daily (download a track sheet HERE and fill it out each day to track your own progress)
Step 5: Get climbing from the 15th March and don’t forget to make your donation to Jigsaw HERE

One of the classic routes to reach the summit of Mont Blanc starts at Refuge de la Tete Rousse (at 3,167m). Climbers take a cable car to reach this starting point then begin the 1,643m ascent to reach the top of the mountain! Taking an average staircase, one step measures around 20cm in height, leaving you to climb 5 steps for every meter of the mountain. For the 1,643m left to climb, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Total steps for the challenge: 8,215
  • Steps per day for a 5-day challenge: 1,643
  • Steps per day for a 7-day challenge: 1,174

Sign up to the Trinity Sport ‘Step Up’ challenge here and check out Trinity Sport’s social channels and website for weekly workouts to help you prepare to climb Mont Blanc from 15th – 22nd March.