Printing House Square Sports Facilities

Printing House Square Sports Facilities

The state-of-the-art indoor sporting facilities have been designed to cater to a range of sports and activities, including Squash, GAA Handball, Racquet Ball and Olympic Target Shooting.


Squash Courts: 

At Printing House Square, you’ll find three dynamic squash courts, each boasting an impressive 63 square meters of playing space. These courts are not only dedicated to squash but are also adaptable to host a variety of other events and activities, making them a hub for Trinity’s community.

Handball Alley: 

For GAA Handball enthusiasts, Printing House Square offers a 40 x 20 handball alley – the only one of its kind in Dublin City Centre.

Olympic Target Range: 

The cutting-edge Olympic Target range which features ten lanes and two range distances, which will be fully open very soon. 


In keeping with our commitment to inclusivity, the sporting facilities at Printing House Square are fully accessible. We offer male, female, and universal changing rooms, complete with showers and toilets, ensuring everyone can take part in sport and physical activity at Printing House Square.