Realising Potential - A Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity at Trinity 2022 - 2026

Realising Potential: Vision, Mission and Values

Realising Potential: A Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity at Trinity 2022 - 2026


At a time when we have all come to realise the significant role that connection, belonging, and wellbeing plays in our lives, I am delighted to welcome the launch of a new strategy for sport and physical activity in Trinity.

On behalf of students, staff, and alumni, I would like to thank all involved in the development of this new plan, in particular the Strategy for Sport steering group, chaired by Catherine McCabe, Dean of Students. The steering committee was supported from across the college community, with students, alumni, academic and professional staff collaborating on a progressive and inclusive vision for sport into the future.

‘Realising Potential: A Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity at Trinity’ clearly aligns with the wider Trinity strategy ‘Towards 2025: Community and Connection’. The cross-cutting goals such as fostering an ever more diverse and inclusive student community, supporting the transformative student experience, enriching our global network, and creating a ‘one Trinity’ community are embedded throughout the strategy pillars.

Trinity has a deep rooted and proud sporting heritage; we recently marked a milestone of 100 years of organised sport in the university. I am always delighted to see and hear the wonderful stories and experiences that sport has enabled for current and past students, staff, and the local community; it is important we continue to develop sporting opportunities and facilities for the future alongside the protection of this unique history.

Sport is not just beneficial to the individuals at the very top of their game; we know that students who participate in sport and physical activity can be more engaged academically and socially. Sport teaches us life lessons of confidence, teamwork, respect, discipline, integrity and it is also a great source of enjoyment. This strategy for sport and physical activity supports the development of graduate attributes which can be applied to all areas of life. It will enhance the student experience while contributing to students’ health and wellbeing, building lifelong leadership skills and friendships.

Trinity is a connected university and sport plays a unique role in connecting student and alumni communities as well as engaging with the wider community. Sport is a powerful tool that brings people together to develop connections that transcend language and cultural barriers.

The new strategy for sport 2022 – 2026 is aptly named ‘Realising Potential’ with a vision to ensure that sport and physical activity is at the heart of the Trinity experience. Its mission is to inspire, engage and connect everyone through sport in an inclusive and supportive environment. The implementation of this plan will ensure that our students, staff and wider community are supported with a range of sporting facilities and opportunities allowing them to foster lifelong connections to sport, health and wellbeing.

I look forward to working with Trinity Sport colleagues, students, clubs, alumni, and partners to implement the objectives and priorities set out in this strategy. The work does not end here, as the next phase is about ensuring words are translated and fully delivered into tangible actions to ensure that sport is at the heart of the Trinity experience.

Dr. Linda Doyle, Provost, Trinity College Dublin.


Vision: Sport at the heart of the Trinity Experience

Mission that through sport inspire, engage and connect people

Realising Potential: A Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity 2022–2026 Launch

ntial: A Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity 2022 – 2026’. The vision ‘sport at the heart of the Trinity experience’ is for everyone, whatever their journey or level of engagement, whether it is for wellbeing, social, skill development, performance or fun.