The Trinity Sport led project ‘Mind, Body, Boost’ was officially launched across seven European Institutions on Wednesday, 26th January via an online event. Mind, Body, Boost is an evidence-based intervention project, devised to support young people in managing their mental and physical health. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Sport programme ‘to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport’.

The aim of the Mind Body Boost project is to facilitate access to students who have low levels of physical activity and mental health issues, who for whatever reason through personal difficulties or other obstacles, have been limited opportunity or have been prevented from taking part in sport.

Dr. Emma Stokes, Vice President for Global Engagement, Trinity College Dublin commented during the event, “Any project that increases physical activity and improves mental wellbeing is to be celebrated, embraced and supported. Trinity College Dublin are delighted to be the project lead and work collaboratively with partners across Europe to develop the ‘Mind, Body, Boost’ project. I want to congratulate Trinity Sport for taking the lead and bringing Trinity College Dublin into this fantastic consortium of seven institutions across five European countries.”

Michael Serneels, Policy Officer, European Commission Sport Unit said, “The Mind, Body, Boost initiative is for us a very good example of how to increase inclusivity through sport. One of the key priority areas for the European Commission Sport Unit is the promotion of participation in sport and enhancing physical activity, it goes without saying that the ‘Mind, Body, Boost’ programme fully complies with these priorities and objectives. Mind, Body, Boost is a great example of a collaborative project where several partners contribute and where exchanges of good practice and ideas are fundamental to the success of the project.”

Speaking at the Mind, Body, Boost launch, Michelle Tanner, Head of Sport and Recreation at Trinity College Dublin commented: “Trinity Sport are delighted to be project lead and work collaboratively with partners across Europe to develop the ‘Mind, Body, Boost’ project. I believe in the power of this intervention project to connect and improve the physical and mental health of students across Europe. Our mission and ambition are to see this project grow and be available to so many more students across Europe.”

The ’Mind, Body, Boost’ project partners include Trinity College Dublin (project lead); National University of Ireland, Galway; University of Stirling, Scotland; University of Limerick; European University of Lisbon, Portugal; The Technical University of Munich, Germany; Vilnius University, Lithuania and ‘It’s Great Out There Coalition’, Belgium. To find out more information about the ‘Mind, Body, Boost’ project please visit the website or follow us on social media @mindbodyboostEU #MindBodyBoost.