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To get started, activate your Trinity Sport online account (Current Trinity students and external members). If you are NOT a member or current student, please register to create an account. Once you have accessed your account, you can proceed to avail of exercise bookings and memberships.

New Trinity Students and all Members: How to access your Trinity Sport online account in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Please click here and enter your Trinity Sports affiliated email address ( for students) along with the capcha and select ‘Submit’.
Step 2: You should receive an email at this point (check email inbox and junk items), note and/or copy your unique "Personal member ID" in this email and click on the link to follow through with password retrieval.
If no email is received, it may be possible that the email data we have for you is not accurate. Please check this at the Sports Centre reception, or by calling 01 896 1812.
Step 3: Once completed, you can then attempt to log in again via the ‘Trinity Sport’ mobile application or website to book services including classes and courses. Please note, access will be denied at the Sports Centre reception unless you have a valid membership subscription.
*If you are unsure which email is associated with Trinity Sport please contact us at or call 01896 1812.

Returning Trinity Students: How to activate your student card online for Sports Centre access 2022 / 23

Step 1:Please CLICK HERE and enter your Trinity Sport associated email address, password and capcha.
Step 2: Select 'Activate Tcd Student Card' from the options offered and click next
Step 3: Select 'Student Annual 22 / 23' and click next and next in the following page too.
Step 4: Please review and modify your personal data as required before selecting next.
Step 5: Review summary page before selecting 'PAY AND FINISH', you should receive a completion page.

You have now activated your student card for Sport Centre access until 31/08/2023, provided your student card is valid until that date. Please note your student card will require authentication at the Sports Centre reception.

Non-Members: How to access your Trinity Sport online account

If you are under the category of a member of the public who has never had a membership at Trinity Sport, you can register in order to: Purchase a membership subscription and or book services including exercise classes.

Step 1:Please visit the Join At Home page to register.
Step 2: Select ‘no’ to the email address and password question.
Step 3:Populate basic details section, enter the Captcha correctly and select ‘Next’. At this point you must decide if you are:
A: Registering to book services at the non-member rate.
B: Buying a membership subscription.
If you choose A:
Step 4:Select ‘Pay as you go’ and click next.
Step 5:Populate all relevant fields with your up to date information and proceed



Frequently asked questions

Why is Trinity Sport launching this service?

It has become apparent (through customer feedback) recently that this type service would certainly be popular amongst our valued members. The ease of access to book services such as exercise classes at the click of a button will ensure minimum fuss in securing your chosen activities here at Trinity Sport. This will also ensure there are less queues at the reception making your overall experience more enjoyable.

What will I be able to do with this new service?

• Book services online and via our mobile application including classes, courses, facility hire and more.

• Renew your membership.

• Get started as a new member.

• Update your personal data via account settings.

Do I have to register before I can use this service?

Yes, all should register. Once registered you will have your own personal account with us, allowing you to book services as a member or non-member, and purchase a new/renewed membership.

I am a non-member and want to book some classes. Is this booking service available to me?

Yes. Non-member rates apply. See above question to access these services.

Can I apply for a refund for an activity if I cannot attend?

Unfortunately this option is not available online. However, if the request is in line with our booking conditions please talk to a Duty Manager in the Sports Centre to progress.

I want to renew my membership, can I do this online?


Click here to renew.

I am having difficulty registering to use this service, what should I do?

You can email , call reception, 01 896 1812 or our Sports Services & Experiences Manager 01 896 4116 to assist.

Tip – if you are already registered you must ensure to use the exact email address that is registered with Trinity Sport.

I am not getting quoted the correct price for the service I am looking to book, what should I do?

Contact or our Sports Services & Experiences Manager, 01 896 4116.

I cannot find the activity or service I am looking to purchase, what should I do?

You can email or call reception, 01 896 1812.

What are the accepted Payment Methods?

All payments will be processed in Euro (EUR)

Terms and Conditions

Company Information
Registration Name: Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Registered Office Address: Sports Centre, Trinity College Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
Place of Registration: College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
Charity Number: CHY 11
VAT Number: 2200007U
Contact Number: +353 1 896 1812
Email Address:


For any questions regarding our online booking services please contact: