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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of the questions that we are frequently asked when joining a gym or starting a new fitness regime. Hopefully these will answer any queries you may have. However, if you have any further questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact the Sports Centre for further information at 01 896 1812 or by email at 


What is a fitness induction?
A fitness induction is an introduction to our Fitness Theatre. One of our highly qualified and experienced Sports Instructors will spend 20/30 minutes with you showing you how to use our fitness equipment as well as explaining to you the benefits of each exercise and machine. An appointment for this is not essential. You can enquire at the Fitness Theatre help desk or office which is located just inside the turnstiles of the Fitness Theatre. This is a complimentary service as a member of the Sports Centre.

What is a fitness appointment? Why do I need one?
A fitness appointment comes highly recommended. Here is how it works - You will have a consultation with one of our fitness instructors. You will then take a health screening, explain your specific goals for the near future fitness wise, as well as your exercise history and your preferred workout duration. Based on all this information, the sports instructor will design a programme of exercises tailored to meet your above requirements. This will generally involve cardiovascular exercises, resistance, core and stretching exercises and possibly some group exercise classes. Your instructor will then review your programme every 6-8 weeks upon your request to ensure you are happy and achieving the results you want. The charge for this service initially is €13.00, reviews are free once within the 8 week period.

I have less than an hour to spend in the gym... Is this enough?
Yes. We will tailor your personalised programme to suit your needs, including the workout time you have available.

I want to train for a marathon/triathlon. Is there someone who can help me with this?
Yes, we have many instructors with training and experience in these specific disciplines who will give you all the information you need to train for your big event. Just contact the reception at 01 896 1812 and one of our helpful staff will direct you accordingly.

Can I start weights straight away?
Yes, we cater for all levels, from beginner to elite levels. If you have not used weights before it is wise make an appointment for an instructor to show you correct technique. Contact the reception to book an induction at 01 896 1812.

What do I need to wear in the Fitness Theatre?
Wear something that you find comfortable to exercise in. Runners are essential and should be worn with shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a comfortable T-shirt.

What should I bring with me for the Fitness Theatre?
You should bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel with you (and wear suitable clothing, as outlined above). Sweat towels or hand towels provided should be used to wipe down fitness equipment after use.

What if I don't like using machines because I get bored easily?
No problem! Here at the Trinity College Sports Centre we have a variety of classes available to our members (see timetable for details). These will allow you to enjoy your cardiovascular and resistance training without the boredom factor that some individuals may experience!


What changing facilities are there in the pool?
The Sports Centre have a changing village in the pool area. There are a number of lockable changing cubicle units for all to use, which includes family changing units and units for disabled users as well as single changing units.
There are three individual showers as well as a number of communal showers for changing cubicle users.
Also, there is a male team changing room as you enter the pool village (left) and a female team changing room at the opposite end of the changing village as you enter. These areas all include showers.

What is the temperature of the pool?
The temperature of the pool will be 28-29 degrees (on average) and will remain at this temperature throughout the day. The air temperature in the pool area will usually be one degree higher than the water temperature.

Why do I have to take off my shoes before entering the pool changing village?
Our pool changing village is a tiled surface which is cleaned regularly. In the interest of hygiene, all members/users are asked to remove their footwear before entering this area. Sports Centre management thank you for your continued cooperation with this.

Are there lanes for swimming in at all times throughout the day?
Yes, generally there will be up to 6 lanes available for lane swimming, depending on our pool timetable. During college term times, the Sports Centre host water polo intervarsity’s from time to time during which the pool will be closed off to members. This will occur approximately 1-2 times per year and can go on for up to two days from 9am - 5pm.

Is the pool highly chlorinated?
Ultra Violet light is the main method for pool cleaning and filtration in the pool plant room. This is a most effective and proven method for pool treatment and as a result only small necessary amounts of chlorine are used.


How do I start climbing on the climbing wall in Trinity College Sports Centre?
In order to book a climbing session at our reception desk, you must obtain your climbing license first. There are two different ways to do this-

  1. Book in for a belay test which takes 1.5- 2 hours in which you learn and are tested on the essential basics of climbing and climbing safety.
  2. Book in for one of the Sports Centre’s highly popular 4 week climbing courses. Latest course dates are updated on the Climbing wall page of the Classes/Courses link.

Are the climbing routes changed regularly?
Yes, specialists in this field change the climbing routes every six months on average.

I have an injury and require treatment on this, does the Sports Centre offer me anything for this?
Yes, the Centre has a number of therapists that will help alleviate the pain and stress. A list of these and the services they provide is available from the massage therapy sub menu within the Facilities/Sports Centre link.

What do I need to wear in the Climbing Wall?
Wear something that you find comfortable to exercise in. Climbing shoes are important but not essential as trainers can be used. These should be worn with shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a comfortable loose fitting T-shirt.

What type of footwear do I need whilst in the sports halls?
Non-marking sports footwear is required in order to use the Sports Centre here at Trinity College. There is a strict system in operation regarding this.

What sports are the sports halls floors marked for?
The sports halls are marked for a number of sports including: Basketball, Futsal 4/5 a side, Badminton, Netball, Volleyball and more. The Ancillary hall has no floor markings and caters for martial arts as well as fencing.



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