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Mr Dominick Chilcott, the British Ambassador & Stephen Collins, Irish Times, speak to the SER.

The Student Economic Review was delighted to welcome Dominick Chilcott, the British Ambassador to Ireland, and Stephen Collins, the Political Editor of the Irish Times to Trinity Long Room Hub on February 20. The topic for discussion on the evening was 'Britain, Ireland, and the EU'.

Ambassador Chilcott drew attention to British exceptionalism with regard to the EU, and to the different functions that the EU plays for Britain. He also made the point that within the EU power doesn't always have to flow from the sovereigns to Europe, and that the exchange of power can, and sometimes should, happen in both directions.

Stephen Collins focused on the implications for Ireland if Britain did make an exit from the EU. He spoke about the role of the EU in improving the relationship between Britain and Ireland over the last 40 years. He also talked about the loss to Europe if Britain was to leave.

A lively question and answer session followed, with participants making points about the role of EU legislation in shaping attitudes in Britain, as well as the potential of a nuclear armed Iran.

After a highly successful evening the Student Economic Review would like to thank Ambassador Chilcott and Stephen Collins for taking the time to talk to us in Trinity. We would also like to thank Professor Juergen Barkhoff, Director of Trinity Long Room Hub, for introducing the discussion, and all the staff of the Hub for allowing us to use the venue for the evening.

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