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Economic History

  • Unequal Equilibrium: The Historical Foundations of Gender Inequality in Economics, Amy McGourty, Senior Sophister   (PDF 172KB)
  • How Adam Smith’s Lack of Originality Led to the Founding of Economics, Luke Hosford, Senior Sophister  (PDF 239KB)
  • Ricardo’s Essay on Profits and the Emergence of a Rational Economic Methodology, Aaron McGowan, Senior Sophister (PDF 239KB)

Economic Policy

  • Turning Against Trade: Explaining American Appetite for Protectionism, Aaron McGowan, Senior Sophister  (PDF 172KB))
  • Old Habits Die Hard: Import -Substituting Industrialisation and Brazilian Trade Policy, Daniel Ferreira, Senior Sophister  (PDF 111KB))
  • EU’s Common Agricultural Policy – a Blight on African Development?, Gemma Bewley, Senior Sophister  (PDF 126KB)
  • An Analysis of the Meltzer-Richard-Roberts Assumption, Navika Mehta, Senior Sophister (PDF 99KB)
  • The Wider Impact of Unemployment on the Individual, Sorcha Shiel, Senior Sophister (PDF 99KB)

Behavioural Economics

  • Rethinking Economic Modelling: the Case for Behavioural Economics, Pierre-Louis Boczmak, Senior Sophister  (PDF 541KB)

Applied Economics

  • Voiceless: The Economic Consequences of a Stammering Population, Jeff DwanO'Reilly, Senior Sophister  (PDF 137KB)
  • The Effect of News on Intra-Day Stock Prices and their Volatility, Luc Bellintani, Junior Sophister  (PDF 328KB)
  • A Game Theory Analysis of the Suspension of the INF Treaty, Daire De Hora, Senior Sophister  (PDF 346KB)
  • The Geopolitical Dilemma: A Game Theory Analysis of OPEC,, Laura Finnerty, Senior Sophister (289 KB)

Development Economics

  • "Cocoa is Ghana, Ghana is Cocoa" – Should Ghana Specialise in the Production and Export of Cocoa Beans? Dinnaga Padmaperuma, Senior Sophister (PDF 541KB)
  • Micro-Finance: a Miracle no More? The Jury is Out, Shauna Fitzmaurice, Junior Sophister (PDF 541KB)