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Economic Thought

  • Joseph Schumpeter and the Business Cycle: An Historical Synthesis, Simon Mee (SS) (PDF 205KB)
  • Ibn Khaldun: The Forgotten Father Of Economics?, Joe McCaffrey (SS) (PDF 273KB)
  • Nicholas Barbon: Anticipating The Classics, David Slattery (SS) (PDF 192KB)

Economic Theory

  • Welcoming Economic Psychology, Darragh McCashin (SF) (PDF 127KB)
  • Will Homo Economicus Survive?, Philipp Doerrenberg (PDF 271KB)
  • Decision Making And The Rational Economic Actor: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Lisa Keenan and Jason Somerville (SF) (PDF 119KB)
  • Will An Eye For An Eye Make The Whole World Blind, Again? An Analysis Of The Global Financial Crisis And Protectionism, Aoife Cunningham (SS) (PDF 235KB)
  • The Impact Of Lending Activity And Monetary Policy In The Irish Housing Market Conor Sullivan (JS) (PDF 220KB)
  • Inflaton Targeting With Reference To The Current Economic Downturn, Shane Murphy (SS) (PDF 167KB)
  • Reconsidering The Economic Thought Of Karl Polanyi In 2009, Adam Larragy (SS) (PDF 282KB)
  • Allied Reparations Policy, 1918-1923: The Disparity Between Trade And Reason, Simon Mee (SS) (PDF 166KB)
  • Do share prices follow a random walk?, Michael Sherlock (SS) (PDF 246KB)
  • The Euro At Ten: Its Effect On Intra-Eurozone Trade, Mark Havel (SS) (PDF 314KB)
  • Economic Dip, Decline Or Downturn? An Examination Of The Definition Of Recession, Emma O'Donoghue (SS) (PDF 437KB)
  • The Edge Of Chaos - An Alternative To The Random Walk Hypothesis Ciaran Dornan O Fathaigh (JS) (PDF 191KB)
  • Econometric Methodology And The Scientific Status Of Economics, Michael Sherlock (SS) (121KB)

Transport Economics

  • Should A Traffic Congestion Charge Be Introduced In Dublin?, Stuart Patterson (SS) (PDF 148KB)
  • The Requirement For Airport Competition In Dublin, Marcus O'Carroll (SS) (PDF 195KB)
  • The Dublin Port Tunnel: A Cost-Benefit Analysis, Simon Rattigan (SS) (PDF 141KB)
  • Do The Global Alliances Provide Real Benefits For The Consumer? An Examination Of Star Alliance, Oneworld And Skyteam, Deena Blacking (SS) (PDF 205KB)