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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • Keynes Re-interpreted, An Econometric Investigation of Keynes' Consumption Function Theory in Post-war America, Michael Curran (JS) (PDF 221KB)
  • An Investigation into the Constituents of Irish Investors Equity Demand Functions, Colm Friel (SS) (PDF 236KB)
  • The Scientific Status of Economics and Econometric Methodology, Iain G. Nash (JS) (PDF 31KB)
  • An Econometric Investigation of the Relationship Between Irish House Prices and their Estimated Fundamental Value, Deirdre Reilly (SS) (PDF 111KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • William Petty: An Unlikely Influence on Karl Marx, Mark McGovern (SS) (PDF 47KB)
  • A Critique of John Locke and the Value of Money, Oisin Gilmore (SS) (PDF 40KB)
  • Adverse Selection, David O'Cinneide (SS) (PDF 58KB)
  • Decoding J.M. Keynes' Works: An Analysis of the Interpretations of Keynesian Economics, Melinda Simonffy (SS) (PDF 61KB)

Financial and Monetary Economics

  • Frankfurt or London? Comparison of the Monetary Policy of the ECB with that of the Bank of England, Michal Kolesar (JS) (PDF 41KB)
  • The IMF's Transition from Keynesianism to Monetarism and Its Consequences, Ross Reynolds (SS) (PDF 48KB)
  • Why Might Share Prices Follow a Random Walk?, Samuel Dupernex (SS) (PDF 178KB)
  • A New Role for Money in Monetary Policy? Financial Imbalances and the ECB's Two-Pillar Approach, Andrew Maguire (SS) (PDF 107KB)

Policy Issues

  • The Future of Biofuels: Policy Implications for Europe, Hugh Hennessy (SS) (PDF 43KB)
  • The Multifunctional Benefits of Agricultural Production - Continued Justification for Support of Farmers?, Jill Marie Tully (SS) (PDF 47KB)
  • Ireland's Private Health Insurance Market: The Introduction of Risk Equalisation and the Consequences for Competition, Cian O Morain (SS) (PDF 61KB)

Transport Economics

  • Dublin's Chronic Congestion: What We Have Done and What We Have Failed To Do, Siobhan Scallan (SS) (PDF 55KB)
  • Enniskillen Southern Bypass: A Cost-Benefit Analysis, Laura J. Gibson (SS) (PDF 53KB)
  • Maritime Transport in Ireland: How the Ports Can Encourage Economic Growth, Jessica Ferguson (SS) (PDF 58KB)

World Economics

  • The Congo War: Economic Causes and Consequences, Rob Quinn (SS) (PDF 47KB)
  • Lessons from the American Automotive Industry, William Aherne (SS) (PDF 47KB)
  • On Identifying Chandler Industries Through an Analysis of Capital/Labour Ratios, Won Chai (PDF 97KB)