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Economic History

  • John Law: a Lifetime's Contribution to Monetary Economics, Roisin Duff (SS) (PDF 103KB)
  • An Investigation into Women's Employment in Britain During The Period of Industrialisation, Rowena Gray (SS) (PDF 121KB)
  • English Merchants in the Sixteenth Century Russia, Alexander Gorokhovsky (SS) (PDF 116KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • Being Economical with the Truth: Economic Reductionism from Machine Age, Steven Daley (JS) (PDF 74KB)
  • The Game of Nuisance Suits, Laura Farrell (SS) (PDF 104KB)
  • The Validity of Marshallian Consumers' Surplus, Barry John Rafferty (SS) (PDF 108KB)

European Economics

  • Analysis of UK Inflation Dynamics Using ARCH and Allowing for Seasonal Effects, David Morrisey (SS) (PDF 95KB)
  • Agenda 2000 Mid-Term Review - Decoupling of Subsidies, Ciara Comerford (SS) (PDF 94KB)
  • EU Fiscal Policy and the Stability and Growth Pact: Necessary Evil or Policy Maker's Nemesis?, Michelle Dalton (JS) (PDF 87KB)
  • Divergent Inflation Rates between Members of the Euro Area: Causes, Implications and Sustainability, Mark Metze (JS) (PDF 137KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Mercantilism and the Asian Development Model, Eimear Sexton (SS) (PDF 119KB)
  • Development, Inequality and Poverty in Brazil, Brendan Graham (SS) (PDF 92KB)
  • China and Its Dollar Peg - the True Source of Growth?, Maria Bridgeman (SS) (PDF 186KB)
  • Poverty in Zambia - Extent, Causes and Solutions, Aleander David Brown (JS) (PDF 10KB)

Irish Economy

  • An Economic Analysis of the Irish Retail Pharmacy Market with a Focus on Competition Policy Issues, David Power (SS) (PDF 100KB)
  • A Case for Re-Introducing Third-Level Fees? An Econometric Analysis, Tara McIndoe (JS) (PDF 124KB)
  • The Interaction between the Principles of Efficiency and Equity in Irish Consumption and Wealth Taxes, Conor Doyle (JS) (PDF 107KB)

The Nature of Markets

  • An Economic Perspective on Drug Prohibition, Ivan Harkins (SS) (PDF 107KB)
  • Are Stock Markets Excessively Volatile?, Robert Frewen (SS) (PDF 10KB)
  • Dublin Real Estate Boom - a Rational Bubble?, David Comerfod (SS) (PDF 137KB)

Transport Economics

  • An Analysis of Road Pricing and a Study of Its Feasibility on the M50, Colm Fahey (SS) (PDF 127KB)
  • Taxi Deregulation: Three Years On, Jennifer Daly (SS) (PDF 92KB)
  • The Contestability of Markets, Jonathon Miller (SS) (PDF 145KB)
  • Critical Assessment of the Proposed Dublin Metro, Clare Egan (SS) (PDF 92KB)