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Gaia Narciso

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Body and mind: Experimental evidence from women living with HIV, 2021, joint with Patrick Lubega, Frances Nakakawa, Carol Newman, Archileo N. Kaaya, Cissy Kityo and Gaston A. Tumuhimbise. Journal of Development Economics. Online Appendix.

Crop prices and migration in Viet Nam, 2020, Food Policy.

Globalization, Agricultural markets, and Mass Migration: Italy, 1881-1912, 2019, joint with Rowena Gray and Gaspare Tortorici. Explorations in Economic History. Online Appendix.

International Competition and The Decision to Migrate: Evidence from Mexico, 2018, joint with Kaveh Majlesi. Journal of Development Economics.

Migrant Remittances and Information Flows: Evidence from a Field Experiment, 2018, joint with Catia Batista. World Bank Economic Review. Online Appendix

Migrant Networks and the Spread of Information, 2018, joint with Benjamin Elsner and Jacco Thijssen. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics.

WTO accession and Tariff Evasion, 2017, joint with Beata S. Javorcik. Journal of Development Economics. See article on

Telecracy: Testing for Channels of Persuasion, 2015, joint with Guglielmo Barone and Francesco D'Acunto. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Online Appendix. Media coverage:, WSJ Blog,,  IlFattoQuotidiano

Organized crime and business subsidies: where does the money go?, 2015, joint with Guglielmo Barone. Journal of Urban Economics. Online Appendix This article was previously circulated under the title "The effect of mafia on public transfers". Media coverage:, La Repubblica, Il Foglio, WSJ.

Political Institutions, Voter Turnout and Policy Outcomes, 2012, joint with Eileen Fumagalli, European Journal of Political Economy.

Differentiated Products and Evasion of Import Tariffs, 2008, joint with Beata S. Javorcik. Journal of International Economics.

Services Inputs and Firm Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2008, joint with Jens M. Arnold and Aaditya Mattoo, Journal of African Economies.


Book chapters and other publications

Labour and Migration”, in, Editor Tarp F., Growth, Structural Transformation, and Rural Change in Vietnam: A Rising Dragon on the Move, Oxford University Press, 2017.

Children and the Youth”, in, Editor Tarp F., Growth, Structural Transformation, and Rural Change in Vietnam: A Rising Dragon on the Move, Oxford University Press, 2017, joint with Carol Newman.

Mafiasin Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Springer Science + Business Media, New York, 2015, joint with Guglielmo Barone.

Remittance Flows to Developing Countries: Trends, Importance and Impact in, editor Brennan, L. , Enacting Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Integration, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, joint with Catia Batista and Carol Newman.


Working papers

The deep roots of Rebellion: Evidence from the Irish Revolution, 2022, joint with Battista Severgnini. Online Appendix. Revise & Resumit, Journal of Development Economics. Media coverage: Corriere della Sera - Sette, BBC News | Mundo.

The long-run impact of historical shocks on the decision to migrate: Evidence from the Irish Migration, 2020, joint with Battista Severgnini and Gayane Vardanyan

HIV status, role models and attainable goals: Experimental evidence on inspiring women in Uganda, 2019, joint with Patrick Lubega, Frances Nakakawa, Carol Newman and Cissy Kityo. Online Appendix.

Toxic roads: Unearthing hazardous waste dumping, 2019, joint with Caterina Gennaioli.

Information, identification, or neither? Experimental evidence on role models in Viet Nam, 2018, joint with Carol Newman and Finn Tarp

Changing social norms: Land titling and child Labour in rural Vietnam, 2013, joint with Julia Anna Matz and Carol Newman.

Refugees and "Missing" Arms Trade, 2011.

Work in progress

Third-party auditor selection: Evidence from Italian municipalities, joint with Guglielmo Barone, Laura Conti and Marco Tonello.