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Affiliated Students

Name of Student Title of Doctoral Thesis Supervisor
Simone Arrigoni International Macroeconomics – Essays in International Macroeconomics and Inequality Prof. Agustín Bénétrix and Prof. Davide Romelli
Stephen Byrne International Macroeconomics – Globalisation and Inflation Professor Agustín Bénétrix
Giorgia Conte Quantitative Macroeconomics/Family Economics - Macroeconomic policy and demographics Professor Joseph Kopecky
Beren Demirölmez International Macroeconomics and Capital Flows  – The role of currency exposures on net foreign asset dynamics. Does currency exacerbate or reduce the negative effects of exchange rate shocks? Professor Agustín Bénétrix
Jonathan Rice International Macroeconomics- Global Financial Integration Professor Agustín Bénétrix
Alexis De Saint-Lager Rethinking the Role of Discretionary Fiscal Policy as a Macroeconomic Stabilization Tool: Lessons from Japan Professor Joseph Kopecky
Conor Parle   Professor Davide Romelli
Matteo Pograxha Essays in Media Economics Professor Davide Romelli
Tadas Gedminas   Professor Agustín Bénétrix
Mark Mulholland   Professor Paul Scanlan
Marco Moreno   Professor Joseph Kopecky