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Course Structure

The course can be conducted on a full-time (one year) or a part-time basis (two years). The course is for ten months duration, on a full-time basis, with two weeks of preliminary training in mathematics prior to commencement of the MSc. The preliminary course commences in early September and the M.Sc. concludes by the following July. The course can also be undertaken on a part-time basis over two years.

The MSc carries 90 ECTS. Candidates take 60 ECTS taught modules and complete a research dissertation (30 ECTS).

The course has two strands. The first is a general entry strand and the second is a strand that focuses on International Development. While the required mix of modules varies across the two, the structure and timing of both is the same and both lead to an M.Sc. (Econ) qualification. Both strands are available on a full-time (one-year) or part-time (two-year) basis and both require attendance at a preliminary two-week course on mathematics and statistics at the start of Michaelmas Term.

The course is structured around five components:

  • An intensive preliminary training in mathematics and statistics in September, during the first two weeks of Michaelmas Term. This must be taken by all full‐time and part‐time candidates.
  • During the remainder of Michaelmas Term, there are two four-week teaching periods, either side of a study week. All students must take Econometrics I, which covers the whole of Michaelmas Term. Full-time students must take two other modules in each teaching period, while part-time students in their first year must take one other module in each teaching period. Students are assessed on the basis of both continuous assessment (essays, problem sets) and written examinations, which take place in early December.
  • Full-time students take an intensive Research Methods course in the first two weeks of Hilary Term; part-time students take this in their second year. Students also attend a weekly Research Seminar, every Tuesday 12.30-2. Part-time students attend this seminar in their second year.
  • The remainder of Hilary Term is structured similarly to Michaelmas Term, with Econometrics II compulsory for all students (including part-time students in their first year), and students taking two other modules in each of the two four-week teaching periods.
  • The final element is the dissertation. Students must submit a research proposal by the end of Hilary Term (in Year 2, for part-time students), with the aim of completing a dissertation on this topic by June 30th (August 31st for Part Time students). Dissertations that do not meet the minimum standard required will be subject to ‘minor corrections’, in which case students will have until August 31st (October 31st for part-time students) to revise and re‐submit their dissertation


Additional Information

For more information, please click here for the Course Handbook

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