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Postgraduate Programmes

The Department of Economics is committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching and has a strong research record, particularly in the field of applied economics. It has an active postgraduate research programme which produces the largest number of research degrees of any economics department in Ireland.

MSc in Economics

This one-year full-time (two-year part-time) postgraduate programme is designed to provide well-qualified graduates, in economics and related disciplines, with the education required to undertake a PhD in economics or to work as a professional economist in government or private sector organisations.

"The theory taught in the classroom was made relevant to the major economic issues the world faces today. Through weekly seminars, applied modules and the dissertation component, we were brought to the frontier of economic research." – MSc Graduate

MSc in Economics

MSc in Economic Policy

This two-year part-time postgraduate programme is designed to equip graduates, who do necessarily have a background in Economics, with the skills to engage with evidenced based policy making. This is a jointly delivered programme between the Department of Economics at Trinity College Dublin and the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

"This degree will provide you with a unique understanding of the complex challenges of contemporary governance, providing a real-world context to the policy-making skills you will develop" – MSc Graduate

MSc in Economic Policy

Diploma in Applied Economics and Big Data

Our Diploma is a one-year full-time course which aims to train students with even a minimal quantitative research methods background in state-of-the-art applied economics methods, which are geared toward answering questions requiring the use of large amounts of economics data.

This course is tailored to meet the rising demand for skilled professionals in applied economics and data analytics. Emphasizing practical assessments, the program bridges the gap between undergraduate education and industry needs.

Diploma in Applied Economics and Big Data

Research Degrees

The Economics PhD is a competitive degree aiming to rank among the best Economics programmes in Europe.

"During the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to present my research at a range of specialised workshops and interdisciplinary conferences and have engaged with policy-makers from a variety of institutions. In addition, I have had the opportunity to teach tutorials and lectures in the department." – PhD Student

Research Degree