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Economic History

  • The Failure of International Multilateralism and the Great Depression, Melissa Barrett, Senior Fresher  (PDF 122KB)
  • A Recipe for Emmigration: Grain price fluctuations and Italian Immigration from 1870-1913, Rebecca Fryeer, Senior Sophister   (PDF 239KB)

Economic Policy

  • Touts Out: How a New Pricing System Could Solve Ticket Resale's Problems, Eoin Cambay, Senior Sophister   (PDF 172KB)
  • The War on Drugs: Worst Comedown Ever?, Ali Crighton, Senior Fresher   (PDF 111KB)
  • Can Crowdsourcing Help us Address Wicked Problems? Arthaud Mesnard, Senior Sophister  (PDF 126KB)
  • Switching Costs and the Irish Mortgage Market,Sibeal Wheatley, Senior Sophister   (PDF 99KB)

Development Economics

  • Should Ghana specailse in the production and export of cocoa beans? Eimear Flynn, Senior Sophister   (PDF 244KB)
  • How best to Invest: Human Capital in Economic Development?, Mide Ni Ghriofa,, Senior Fresher   (PDF 102KB)
  • How important is Directly Targeting Inequality for Economic Development?,Eilis O'Brien, Junior Sophister   (PDF 101KB)

Behavioural Economics

  • "There are no seats in the library!": Nudging Students Toward Efficient Seat Reservation Behaviour in the Library, Aine O'Gorman, Natali Gordo and Tamsin Greene Barker, Senior Sophister   (PDF 541KB)
  • Homo Oeconomicus: Useful Abstraction or Perversion of Reality?, Sophie Donnely, Senior Sophister   (PDF 119KB)
  • Not-So-Rational: Reflections on the Homo Economicus, Juliette Weyend, Senior Sophister   (PDF 116KB)

European Economics

  • Eurozone Reform: Beyond Institutionalism, Conor Judge, Senior Sophister (PDF 129KB)

Applied Economics

  • Low Turnout: Reducing Demand for Income Redistribution and the Development of the Welfare State?, Doireann O'Brien, Senior Sophister (PDF 137KB)
  • Winning the Middle Ground: The Strategic Behaviour of Campaigners and Politicians on the Eight Amendment Referendum, Mide Ni Ghriofa, Senior Sophister  (PDF 328KB)
  • The Game Theory of Protective Governments and Airplane Manufacturers, India Healy O'Connor, Senior Sophister  (PDF 346KB)
  • Method to the Madness? A Game Theoretic Analysis of the USA and North Korea's Standoff, Marcel Jeansch, Senior Sophister (289 KB)

    Economics Research

  • Weed Money: How Fungibilty affects Colorado's Education Funding Gap, Michael Howard, Junior Sophister (PDF 219KB)
  • A New Theory of Health and Consumption, Ryan Cleary, Senior Sophister  (PDF 348KB)
  • Survival of the Fittest? An Econometric Analysis in to the Effects of Military Spending on Olympic Success from 1996-2012, Mark Frahill, Senior Sophister (PDF 452KB)