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Economic History

  • Sovereign Debt Markets and Political Stability – Evidence from 19th Century Europe, Christopher Swords, Senior Sophister (PDF 503KB)
  • International Trade and the Maritime Shipping Revolution, Panayotis Gounaris, Senior Sophister (PDF 495KB)
  • Slavery's Legacy and Intra-African Trade Flows, Thomas Walsh, Senior Sophister (PDF 609KB)
  • Did the Luddites Get It Right? Automation and the Labour Market, Peter Wilson, Junior Sophister (PDF 488KB)

Economic Policy

  • Poverty and Single Parents: The State's Response, Annabel O'Rourke, Junior Sophister (PDF 553KB)
  • Third Level Education: Levelling the Playing Field?, Keelan Beirne, Senior Freshman (PDF 577KB)
  • Corporation Tax: Myth or Miracle Maker?, Mark Finn, Senior Freshman (PDF 475KB)

Applied Economics

  • Have Cake and Eat it: A Game Theory Analysis of the Brexit Trade Talks, Theophile Pastre, Senior Sophister (PDF 588KB)
  • Can Trump's Trade Policy Make America Great Again?, Jake MccGwire, Senior Sophister (PDF 64KB)
  • A Hellenic Tragedy: A Game Theory Approach to the Greek Bailout Talks, Stephen Garavan, Senior Sophister (PDF 499KB)
  • From Golden Age to Great Recession: Academic Macroeconomics and the Policy Toolkit, Christpoher Swords, Senior Sophister (PDF 680KB)

European Economics

  • Bridging the Gap: Vision versus Reality of EU Cohesion Policy, Emily Waters, Senior Sophister (PDF 502KB)
  • Toward a European Financial Transactions Tax, Patrick Lavelle, Senior Sophister (PDF 505 KB)
  • Europe Thinks Differently: The Augmented Role of European Competition Policy, Charlotte O' Neill, Senior Sophister (PDF 488KB)

Urban Economics

  • White Flight and Gentrification in Hyde Park, Chicago, Conor Bolger, Senior Sophister (PDF 486KB)
  • Paying for Peace of Mind: Urban Riots and Housing, Finn McLaughlin, Senior Sophister (PDF 515KB)

Economic Research

  • Health is Wealth? An Econometric Analysis of Income and Mental Health, Sarah McDowell, Senior Sophister (PDF 555KB)
  • An Econometric Investigation of Attitudes Toward Sexism, Gillian O' Connell, Senior Sophister (PDF 544KB)
  • Okun's Law: An Empirical Investigation into Eurozone Growth and Unemployment, Stephen Garavan, Senior Sophister (PDF 531KB)