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Economic History

  • God's Economists: Economic Thought in the Sixteenth Century, Patrick McDonagh, Senior Freshman (PDF 64KB)
  • Intergenerational Social Mobility in Britain: The Curse of Coal, Daniel Fallen Bailey, Senior Sophister (PDF 539KB)

Economic Research

  • Is Beer Consumption in Ireland Acyclical, Gearóid Gibbs, Senior Sophister (PDF 642KB)
  • Saving Private Data: The Economics of Online Privacy, Greg Mangan, Senior Sophister (PDF 520KB)
  • What Labour Force Characteristics Have the Greatest Impact on Productivity Across OECD Countries?, Daniel Fallen Bailey, Senior Sophister (PDF 573KB)

European Economy

  • A Comparison of Financial Crisis Policy Responses by Ireland and Iceland, James Green, John Kavanagh and Conor Leen, Junior Sophister (PDF 76KB)
  • Cheese, Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks: The Swiss Model for the United Kingdom, Elizabeth O'Higgins, Junior Sophister (PDF 64KB)
  • Competing Against Germany: Unit Labour Costs in the European Monetary Union, Jonas Peisker, Junior Sophister (PDF 58KB)
  • Beyond Paranoia: The Economics of Non-EU Immigration, Kilian Mueller, Junior Sophister (PDF 60KB)
  • The Last Resort: The EU's Rocky Road to Quantitative Easing, Ellen Brennan, Junior Sophister (PDF 476KB)
  • Why the Market Cannot Roam Free in EU Fields, Aisling Kirby, Junior Sophister (PDF 64KB)

Industrial Economics

  • Agency Theory and Implications for Firm Financing Decisions, Colm Ryan, Senior Sophister (PDF 677KB)

Developmental Economics

  • Aid and Growth Revisited: Impact of Foreign Aid on Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Paul Reidy, Senior Sophister (PDF 811KB)
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall: On Requiring the Empowerment of Women, Andrew Price, Junior Sophister (PDF 71KB)
  • Analysing the Effect of Trade on Income Inequality, Robert Cronin, Senior Sophister, (PDF 473KB)

Applied Economics

  • A Theoretical Analysis of the Mechanisms of Competition in the Gambling Market, Rory McStay, Senior Freshman (PDF 59KB)
  • Argentine Rail Development and Irish Meat in Britain, 1857-1910, James Kelly, Senior Sophister (PDF 494KB)
  • How Shale Fractured the OPEC Oligopoly: A Game Theory Analysis of the Oil Market in 2015, Richard Roberts, Senior Sophister (PDF 492KB)
  • Pricing's Next Top Model: A Game Theoretic Analysis of 'Freemium' Pricing, Greg Mangan, Senior Sophister (PDF 483KB)
  • The Game Theory of Open-Source Software, Paul Reidy, Senior Sophister (PDF 533KB)