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Economic History

  • Aristotles Economic Defense of Private Property, Conor McGlynn (SS) (PDF 69KB)
  • Is Free Trade Always the Best Policy?, Florian Wicknig (SS) (PDF 1.86MB)
  • Brewing Up a Storm: Investigating British Tea Prices from 1690-1914, Féidhlim McGowan (SS) (PDF 151KB)
  • A Cliometric Investigation into the Causes of the US Panic of 1873, Ludo Dawnay (SS) (PDF 2.50MB)

Political Economy

  • Britain Must Leave: Why Patriotism Has No Place in the Modern Union, Rónán O'Connor (JS)(PDF 62KB)
  • An Overhaul of the French Labour Market, Killian Cogan and Theophile Pastre (SF) (PDF 62KB)
  • In The Name of the Father: Paternalism as Class Warfare, Daniel O'Brien (JS) (PDF 2.07MB)
  • The Moral Limits of the Market for Blood, John Tate (JS) (PDF 68KB)

Applied Economics

  • Jaywalking or Joywalking: A Game Theory Approach to Policy-Making, Sabrina Schönfeld (SS) (PDF 1.68MB)
  • Changing the Beat: Technology and the Market for Digital Music, Greg Mangan (JS) (PDF 63KB)
  • Spillovers and Synergies: Geographical Clustering of Eminent Scientists, Conor McGlynn (SS) (PDF 64KB)
  • Some Like It Hot: The Impact of Climate Change on Housing Markets, Eoin Campbell (SS) (PDF 87KB)

Monetary Thought

  • The Usual Suspects: Soverign Default in South America 1950-2010, Jack Dempsey (JS) (PDF 76KB)
  • On The Dangers Inherent in a Fractional Reserve Banking System, Sergey Alifanov (JS) (PDF 75KB)
  • The Great Depression and the Gold Standard, Conor McGlynn (SS) (PDF 54KB)

Economic Research

  • Gender Equality in the Labour Market and Foreign Direct Investment, Cián Mc Leod (SS) (PDF 4.82MB)
  • What is the Most Efficient Way to Improve an Education System?, Conor Parle (SS) (PDF 1.02MB)