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Applied Economics

  • The 2010 Closure of European Airspace, Elin Thora Ellertsdottir (SS) (PDF 115KB)
  • Digitally Dispatching Taxi Regulations, Jamie Wilson (SS) (PDF 98KB)
  • A Glimpse into the Future: Road Pricing and the Driverless Car, Jake Russell-Carroll (SS) (PDF 97KB)

Behavioural Economics

  • Consumer Spending and Foreign Currency, Kit Mattock (SF) (PDF 82KB)
  • The Anchoring Bias in Forecasts of U.S. Employment, Sean Tong (SS) (PDF 218KB)

Development Economics

  • The Free Provision of Anti-Malarial Nets, Catalina de la Sota (SS) (PDF 101KB)
  • Education and Development: Importance, Challenges and Solutions, Colin Power (JS) (PDF 89KB)
  • Do Institutions Rule?, Elin Thora Ellertsdottir (SS) (PDF 92KB)

Economic History

  • How Dutch was the Industrial Revolution?, Peter Nicolai Prebensen (SS) (PDF 83KB)
  • The Whitaker Turn: Overrated?, William Foley (SF) (PDF 104KB)
  • Chinese Economic Reform from 1979 to 1989, Tomas Campbell (SS) (PDF 95KB)
  • Monetary Policy and the Indian Economy, Niall Murphy (SS) (PDF 351KB)

Economic Policy

  • An Inquiry into the dysfunctional nature of the EU Labour Market, Sabrina Schonfeld (JS) (PDF 140KB)
  • The Protective Society: A Defence of Paternalistic Public Policy, Conor McGlynn (JS) (PDF 223KB)
  • Paternalistic Public Policy and the Organ Trade, Eoin Campbell (JS) (PDF 88KB)

Economic Research

  • The Wage Effects of Personal Smoking, Michelle Riordan (SS) (PDF 289KB)
  • Factors affecting Irish secondary school performace, Alexander Redmond (SS) (PDF 222KB)
  • Explaining Bilateral Trade Flows in Ireland, Yannick Lang (SS) (PDF 152KB)

Monetary Thought and Policy

  • The Gold Standard and its Effect on Monetary Thought, Paul Kelly (SS) (PDF 103KB)
  • Virtual Currency: Fad or Future?, Gearoid Gibbs (SF) (PDF 173KB)
  • Islamic Banking: Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention, Samuel Peter Logan (JS) (PDF 83KB)