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2013 Prelims

Applied Economics

  • The Unilateral Effects of the Proposed Ryanair Acquisition of Aer Lingus, Kate Ivory (SS) (PDF 129KB)
  • Inflation and Instability: Brazil's Lost Decade and Cardoso's Response, Isabella Di Paolo (SS) (PDF 221KB)
  • Microsoft: The Tying of Internet Explorer to Windows (2009), Andrew Winterbotham (SS) (PDF 158KB)
  • An Examination of Ryanair's Entry into the African Aviation Market, Antony Wolfe (SS) (PDF 74KB)

Economic Policy

  • EU Regional Policy and Location Effect: Contradictions and Costs, Jamie Wilson (JS) (PDF 86KB)
  • Is a US-EU Free Trade Agreement Desirable?, Cliona Nic Dhomhnaill (SS) (PDF 172KB)
  • Towards a European Labour Market: Combating Long-Term Unemployment and Improving Trade Unions through Increased Migration, Paul Kelly (JS) (PDF 117KB)

Economic Research

  • Net Migration to Ireland Versus the Rest of Europe, John Kirby (SS) (PDF 159KB)
  • Does Entering or Leaving a Currency Union Affect Bilateral Trade?, Tony O'Connor (SS) (PDF 163KB)

Economic Theory

  • An Analysis of Adam Smith's Theory of Self-Interest Through the Mechanism of the Philosophy of Science, Cian McCarthy (SS) (PDF 71KB)
  • Bewitched by Economics, Conor McGlynn (SF) (PDF 69KB)
  • The Price of Appreciation: The Continued Relevance of Fisher's Debt-Deflation Theory, Emmet Kiberd (SS) (PDF 87KB)
  • Investing in Education is the most Efficient Way to Reduce Poverty, Emma Tobin (JS) (PDF 98KB)

Monetary Thought

  • Should Central Banks Burst Asset Price Bubbles?, Andrew Winterbotham (SS) (PDF 195KB)
  • Why Central Banking?, David Lally (SS) (PDF 194KB)
  • The End of Inflation Targeting: Lessons from the Liquidity Trap, Andrw Salter (SS) (PDF 346KB)
  • Debt-Free Money: Revisiting Major Douglas' Social Credit Theory and Assessing its Relevance for the Recent Financial and Economic Crisis, Marc Morgan (SS) (PDF 105KB)