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Economic Analysis

  • Financing Ireland's Transport Infrastructure During a Fiscal Crisis: The Viability of the Public Private Partnership Mechanism, Siofra Moriarty (SS) (PDF 918KB)
  • Are the Foreign-Currency Official Reserves of Emerging Asia Excessive?, Irina Pechotski (PDF 4MB)

Economic Policy

  • The Role of Inheritance Within Capitalism, Sean Tong (SF) (PDF 935KB)

Economic Policy Issues

  • Should Policy Makers Limit the Size of Current Account Imbalances?, Cian Ruane (SS) (PDF 863KB)
  • Optimisation Heuristics in Paternalistic Public Policy, Tony O'Connor (JS) (PDF 823KB)

Economic Research

  • When Senior Sophister Played the Ultimatum Game: Investigating the Theory of Rational Choice, Iain Snoddy, Harry Clancy, Niall Connolly, Graeme O'Meara, Charles Pearmund, Alan Reynolds, Ronan Sandford (SS) (PDF 4.07MB)
  • An Econometric Investigation into The Nature of the Relationship Between Unemployment and Suicide, Bulat Kubeyev (SS) (PDF 504KB)
  • An Investigation into the Proportion of Women in National Parliament in a Cross-Country Sample, Debbie Blair (JS) (PDF 903KB)
  • Estimating the Impact of Changes in the Fedaeral Funs Target Rate on Market Interest Rates from the 1980s to the Present Day, Donal O'Cofaigh (SS) (PDF 3.46MB)

Monetary Thought

  • Political Aspects of the Bundesbank: Did the German Central Bank Have the Final Say on German Monetary Union and European Monetary Union?, Flannery Dyon (SS) (PDF 894KB)
  • Land Bank Proposals 1650-1705, Charlie Landale (SS) (PDF 874KB)
  • David Hume: Monetarist Theorist?, Marcus Spray (SS) (PDF 935KB)
  • From Thornton, to Bagehot, to the European Central Bank: An Analysis of the Lender of Last Resort, Iain Snoddy (SS) (PDF 861KB)

Perspectives on Economic Theory

  • The Modified General Equilibrium Approach to Keynesian Economics, Graeme O'Meara (SS) (PDF 2.17MB)
  • Capitalism as Religion, Arthur Thoby (PDF 1.47MB)

Perspectives on Economic Thought?

  • The Solutions to Externalities: Frome Pigou to Coase, Andrew Winterbotham (JS) (PDF 954KB)