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Applied Economics

  • Alcohol Consumption: An Econometric Investigation, Steve Kilkenny (SS) (PDF 305KB)
  • Factors that influence the exchange rate: PPP does it hold?, Kate Holohan (SS) (PDF 174KB)
  • An economic and legal discussion of minimum resale price maintenance, Jean Acheson (SS) (PDF 163KB)
  • An Econometric Exercise in 'Stoutonomics', Jason O'Connor (SS) (PDF 239KB)
  • The Atkins Diet: An Economic Perspective, Jason Somerville (JS) (PDF 320KB)

Economic Theory

  • Externalities and parentalism: a discussion of the merits and demerits of societal and state intervention, Mark Sykes (JS) (PDF 163KB)
  • How rational expectations affect the efficient market hypothesis, Conor O'Toole (SS) (PDF 201KB)
  • Economic Theory and its Capacity to Comprehensively Explain the Presence of Non-profit Organisations within Society, Jennifer Finn (JS) (PDF 149KB)
  • Opening the black box: examining the potential of Neuroeconomics, Owen McLaughlin (JS) (PDF 244KB)

Financial Crisis

  • Containing a Crisis: finding a private solution to the recapitalisation of the banking system, Matthew Mennell (JS) (PDF 236KB)
  • Iceland: A Nation in the Kreppa, Fintan Ryan (SS) (PDF 208KB)

European Economy

  • An Analysis of the Concept of Fiscal Federalism in Relation to the European Union, Sophie Ward (JS) PDF 270KB)
  • Labour market or laboured market: inefficiencies and unemployment in the European Union, Sean McGrath (JS) (PDF 161KB)
  • Key Developments in the evolution of the European Union to the present day, Graham Lalor (JS) (PDF 213KB)

Irish Economy

  • The Case for the Privatisation of Dublin Bus, Conor O'Toole (SS) (PDF 201KB)
  • Fiscal and monetary policy: a look at cyclicality and its impact on Ireland, Amelia O'Connell (SS) (PDF 151KB)
  • Should Ireland have joined the euro?, Daniel Eve (SS) (PDF 161KB)