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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • An Econometric Analysis of U.S. GDP - Democrat vs. Republican: who gets your vote?, Nicola Dunne (SS) (PDF 310KB)
  • An Econometric Investigation into the Determinants of Infant Mortality Rates, Niall Sherry (JS) (PDF 235KB)

Econometrics; Theory and Practice

  • An Investigation into the Scientific Status of Economics and Econometric Methodology, Adnan Velic (JS) (PDF 123KB)

Economic Theory and History

  • The New Economic History: A Discussion of Cliometrics, Simon Mee (JS) (PDF 141KB)
  • Finding New Links - Fisher's Equatio of Exchange and Newcomb's Societary Circulation, Michael Curran (SS) (PDF 231KB)
  • War Games: Military Strategy and Economic Game Theory, Peter Devine (PDF 153KB)

European Economics

  • How Viable is the European Union's Commitment to Biofuels?, David Quinn (SS) (PDF 138KB)
  • Is the European Union's Single Farm Payment Truly Decoupled?, Ann Stillman (SS) (PDF 161KB)
  • Splendid Isolation: Britain's Past, Present and Future in Relation to the European Monetary Union, David Madden (JS) (PDF 120KB)

Financial Economics

  • Understanding Liquidity Crises: The Theory of Hyman Minsky, Michael Bracken (SS) (PDF 137KB)
  • The Contribution of Black, Merton and Scholes to Financial Economics, Iain Gerard Nash (SS) (PDF 183KB)
  • The Main Advantages of International Portfolio Diversification, David Madigan (SS) (PDF 210KB)

Industrial Economics

  • How Switching Costs Can Make Predatory Pricing Rational: The Economics of Wanadoo Interactive's Predatory Strategy, John Lavelle (SS) (PDF 282KB)
  • Network Dynamics, Preferential Attachment and Market Liberalisation, Enda Hargaden (SS) (PDF 313KB)
  • Foreclosure: A Case Study from the Pharmaceutical Industry, Conor Flanagan (SS) (PDF 133KB)

Monetary Economics

  • Money Illusion - A Real Phenomenon, Charlie Nolan (SS) (PDF 136KB)
  • German Inflation and the Money Supply, 1919-1923, Dervla Brennan (SS) (PDF 135KB)
  • Challenging Mercantilism: The Impact of David hume on the Evolution of Monetary Thought, Alexander Toft (SS) (PDF 120KB)

Policy Issues

  • End of the Road? - Examining the Causes of the Decline in Cycling in Dublin, Gavin Doherty (SS) (PDF 180KB)
  • Taking Flight: The Economic Consequences of the EU-US Open Skies Agreement, Emma Kearns (SS) (PDF 211KB)
  • The Ulster Canal: A Cost-Benefit Analysis, Marion Shiels (SS) (PDF 145KB)