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Economic Applications

  • A Look at the State of Knowledge on Bundling, Cormac O'Dea (SS) (PDF 62KB)
  • An Econometric Investigation into the Determinants of Crime, David O'Cinneide (JS) (PDF 69KB)
  • The Rudiments of Econometric Methodological Division, Colm McCaughley (SS) (PDF 57KB)

Economics & its Future

  • Economics as a Social Science: Past, Present and Future, Robbie Semple (JS) (PDF 48KB)
  • An Insight into Neuroeconomics, David Delaney & Jean Devlin (SS) (PDF 55KB)
  • Psychology and the Economy of Ireland, Andrew Allen (SF) (PDF 41KB)

European Economics

  • Causes and Consequences of Inflation Differentials across the Eurozone, Shane Conneely (SS) (PDF 91KB)
  • Prospects for future EU labour market integration - trade unions, long-term unemployment and active labour market policies, Laura Conroy (SS) (PDF 53KB)
  • The Future of External European Trade Policy - the Bilateralism v Multilateralism debate, Kevin Byrne (JS) (PDF 48KB)

Food Markets

  • The Price of Wheat in Britain after Repeal: The Golden Age for 19th century British Agriculture?, Conor O'Toole (SS) (PDF 85KB)
  • WTO Doha Round Agricultural Negotiations and Market Access, Laura Duggan (SS) (PDF 100KB)
  • Development NGOs and the Liberalisation of Agricultural Policies Lynne Carolan (SS) (PDF 65KB)

International and Development Economics

  • International Trade and Trade Policy: It's Impact on the Developing World, Sinead Kelleher (SS) (PDF 53KB)
  • From Hand Outs to Hand Ups: Making Aid Effective, Rob Quinn (JS) (PDF 51KB)
  • Reform of the EU Sugar Regime and its Impact on Developing Countries, Eoghan O'Briain (SS) (PDF 64KB)

Irish Economy

  • Rip-Off Republic: Why Is A Pint So Expensive In Dublin? - Old Laws, Vested Interests and the Celtic Tiger, Andrew Maguire (JS) (PDF 41KB)
  • Ireland: a Non-Runner in the Race to the Bottom, Thomas Conefrey (SS) (PDF 52KB)
  • The white paper on education: a failure to invest, Aibhistin O'Dubhslain (SS) (PDF 62KB)
  • Was the Government right to abolish the Groceries Order?, Jane Gibbons (SS) (PDF 61KB)

Transport Economics

  • An Economic Analysis of the Western Rail Corridor, Kevin Pilkington (SS) (PDF 47KB)
  • From London to New York: Opening up the Skies, Belinda Kingston (SS) (PDF 65KB)
  • Sinking the Myths: Privatisation, B&I Line, and Irish Ferries, Paul Sammon (SS) (PDF 72KB)