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Economic History

  • From Inflation to Hypreinflation: Reasons for German Marcoeconomic Impotence in the Inflation, 1918-1923, Jonathan Schachter (JS) (PDF 175KB)
  • Organised Crime in the USA During Prohibition: An Economic Analysis of the Rise of an Illegal Industry, Conor Doyle (SS) (PDF 192KB)
  • Meiji Japan: A Unique Technological Experience?, Alexander David Brown (SS) (PDF 67KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • What Could Have Prompted Keynes to Call Montesquieu "The Real Equivalent of Adam Smith, the Greatest of French Economists"?, Joelle Grospelier (SS) (PDF 73KB)
  • Gresham's Law, Fact of Falsehood, Noel Sullivan (SS) (PDF 54KB)
  • Steuart v. Law: A Comparison on National Debt and the Creation of Money, Steffen Torp (SS) (PDF 119KB)
  • Econometric Methodology and the Status of Economics, Cormac O'Dea (JS) (PDF 36KB)

European Economics

  • Is the EU on Track to Reach the Goals of the Lisbon Agenda?, Paul Gray (JS) (PDF 54KB)
  • Developing Confusion: Economic Consequences of the EU's Paul Sammon (JS) (PDF 58KB)
  • Economic Aspects of Turkey's Accession to the EU - How Turkey's Membership is Challenging the EU Stephanie Jung & Stanislav Kuba Socrates (PDF 124KB)

International and Development Economics

  • How Might Agricultural Trade Liberalisation Affect Welfare in the Least Developed Countries?, Kate Bunworth (SS) (PDF 50KB)
  • Evaluation of the Operation of the Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Initiative in Uganda, Richie Somerville (SS) (PDF 87KB)
  • Irish and UK Migration to South Africa 1900-2002: Who Went? Why did They go? What Impact did They Have?, Tara McIndoe (SS) (PDF 163KB)
  • Income and Inequality - Determinants of Longevity?, Sinead Kelleher (JS) (PDF 246KB)
  • Ethiopia: What can be done?, Jennifer Flynn (SS) (PDF 105KB)
  • The Allocation of Resources in Development Policy, Francesca Reinhardt (SS) Francesca_Reinhardt

Policy Issues

  • The Economics of Nuclear Power, Thibaut Rebet (JS) (PDF 131KB)
  • An Econometric Insight into US Money Supply, David Delaney (JS)
  • The Multifunctionality of Argiculture: What Does it Mean and Does it Justify Continued Support to Agricultural Protection?, Niamh O'Farrell (SS) (PDF 56KB)

Transport Economics

  • Time is Money: An Enquiry into the Effectiveness of Road Traffic Management Schemes and Congestion Charges, Karen Mayor (SS) (PDF 72KB)
  • The Evolution of the Aviation Sector Towards Contestability Jessica Loughnane (SS) (PDF 92KB)
  • Determining the Correct Price of a Congestion Charge for Dublin, Joe O'Doherty (SS) (PDF 191KB)