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Economic History

  • Lessons From our Elders, Niamh Brady (SF) (PDF 31KB)
  • Inflation and Dearth in the Sixteenth Century, Rowena Gray (JS) (PDF 598KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • Are Democracy and Capitalism Incompatible?, Sarah Lewis (SS) (PDF 125KB)
  • How Switching Costs Affect the Way Markets Work, Cillian Byrnes (SS) (PDF 537KB)
  • Inefficiency in the Face of Rationality - How Game Theory Can Inform Economic Policy, Grellan McGrath (SS) (PDF 422KB)

European Economics

  • The Theory of Optimum Currency Areas, Paul Kenny (JS) (PDF 861KB)
  • Economic Effects of Liberalisation of the Beef Market on Ireland and the EU, Derek Mernagh (SS) (PDF 211KB)
  • Will Fiscal Policy in the Euro Area be Sufficiently Flexible to cope with a Major Recession?, Reetta Suonpera (JS) (PDF 433KB)
  • Eastern Enlargement of the European Union, Alan De Bromhead (JS) (PDF 420KB)

International and Development Economics

  • The Role of Microfinance in Economic Development, Tara Mitchell (SS) (PDF 154KB)
  • Population Growth in Less Developed Countries, Joelle Grospelier (JS) (PDF 671KB)
  • Japan in the Doldrums: A study of Deflation and Recession, Daniel J. C. Baker (SF) (PDF 830KB)
  • Dollarisation - The Case of Ecuador, Barry John Rafferty (JS) (PDF 467KB)

Policy Issues

  • Expansionary Fiscal ContractionsTourism Development in Ireland - An Economic Perspective, Alexander Gorokhovsky (JS) (PDF 538KB)
  • Accommodating a Crisis: A Critique of Irish Housing Policy, Nick Hodsman and David Comerford (JS) (PDF 135KB)
  • Urban Change in Dublin, Laura Watts (SS) (PDF 840KB)

Transport Economics

  • 'To Franchise or not to Franchise' - Is it even a Question?, Michael Costello and Stephen Teelin (SS) (PDF 925KB)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the Dublin Luas Light Rail Project, Oliver Fegan (SS) (PDF 767KB)
  • How Ryanair has exploited the Economic Theory behind Airline Contestability and Deregulation, Dominic St. George and Sean Brophy (SS) (PDF 97KB)