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Development & Agricultural Economics

  • Sustainability, Development & Economic Growth, Ronan Lyons (SS) (PDF 509KB)
  • Underdevelopment and Less Developed Countries, David Duffy (JS) (PDF 459KB)
  • How Necessary is Government Support for Agriculture?, William Hynes (SS) (PDF 425KB)


  • An Econometric Analysis of Inflation and Unemployment in Ireland, Orson Francescone (JS) PDF 443KB)
  • A Response to the Cynics, John Lynham (JS) PDF 237KB)
  • Econometrics: Pro-active Science, or PR stunt?, Grellan McGrath (JS) (PDF 242KB)
  • Benefits of EU membership for Ireland: An Econometric Analysis, Ulrich Daun (JS) (PDF 292KB)

Economic Theory

  • Principia Economica, Charles Larkin (SS) (PDF 450KB)
  • Hayek on Money, Sarah Hynes (SS) (PDF 755KB)
  • Mercantilism and the Reconstruction of its Economic Principles, Michael King (SS) (PDF 635KB)

International Issues & Regulation

  • Anti-trust: USA vs. Visa and MasterCard, Jessica Benson (SS) (PDF 499KB)
  • The Prospects for a Pan-European Financial Regulator, Michael Ohle (SS) (PDF 276KB)
  • Argentina: The Efficacy of an Exchange Rate Anchor, Paul Kenny (SS) (PDF 501KB)
  • The Single Currency: And Why Britian won't join the party, Ross Leonard (JS) (PDF 605KB)

Public Policy

  • Why Patients aren't Virtues, David Comerford (SF) (PDF 344KB)
  • The National Pension Reserve Fund: A Prudent Measure?, Ivan McAdam O'Connell (JS) (PDF 498KB)
  • Shannon Airport: An Engine of Economic Growth, Stephen Butterly (SS) (PDF 401KB)

The Trinity-Oxford Economics Debate & Workshops

  • The Trinity-Oxford Economics Debate, Laura Watts (SS) (PDF 148KB)
  • Student Economic Workshops, Orson Francescone (SS) (PDF 101KB)


  • Road Pricing: An Economic Analysis, Sarah Meredith & Niall Jones (SS) (PDF 911KB)
  • Motorways: Higway Robbery!, Daniel Molloy (SS) (PDF 465KB)
  • Aircoach: An Experiment in Deregulation, Nina Kauntze & Stephen Forde (SS) (PDF 318KB)
  • The Railways: A Case for Privatisation, Seamus O'Brien (SS) (PDF 385KB)