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Development Economics

  • Sustainable Development: Remembering the Future, Claire Thornhill (SS) (PDF 260KB)
  • The Problem of Population Growth in Less Developed Countries, Andrew Whitty (JS) (PDF 390KB)
  • Peru: A Wasted Opportunity, Michael King (JS) (PDF 569KB)
  • Poverty and Development in LDCs: Some Policy Suggestions, Ronan Lyons (JS) (PDF 673KB)


  • Hedgehog Logic: The Problems of Econometric Methodology, Stephen Kinsella (JS) (PDF 246KB)
  • Irish Inflation: An Econometric Analysis, Michael J. King (JS) (PDF 323KB)
  • Modelling the Real Exchange Rate between the U.S. and Germany, Edward J. O'Brien (SS) (PDF 378KB)
  • Microsoft's Share Price and its Determinants, Louise Owens (JS) (PDF 253KB)


  • Credit Problems in Agricultural Sectors of CEECs, Rowena Dwyer (SS) (PDF 338KB)
  • The Czech Employment Miracle: Reailty, Myth or Luck?, Peter O'Brien (SS) (PDF 453KB)
  • EU Membership and its Impace on Ireland, Stephen Butterly (JS) (PDF 482KB)
  • The Costs and Benefits of Free Trade in the EU's Sugar Market, Shaun Heelan & Matthew Cronin (SS) (PDF 343KB)

Monetary Economics

  • The Developing Role of ECB, Aidan Neill (SS) (PDF 339KB)
  • Punks, Historians and Free Bankers: Strange Comrades?, Tom Lyons (SS) (PDF 499KB)
  • A Comparison of the Philosophies of John Law and Georg Simmel, John Kelly (SS) (PDF 386KB)

Student Workshops & Annual Colours Debate

  • Student Economic Workshops, Michael King (SS) (PDF 121KB)
  • Annual UCD Colours Debate, David Beamish (SS) (PDF 67KB)


  • The Problem of Irrational Bubbles in Financial Markets, Aleksandar Zaklan (SS) (PDF 678KB)
  • The Application of Sutton's Theory to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Ivan McAdam O'Connell (SF) (PDF 450KB)
  • Microsoft's Abuse of Dominant Market Position, Edward O'Brien (SS) (PDF 601KB)


  • Irish Air Traffic Control: Primed for Privatisation, Paul Geaney (SS) (PDF 385KB)
  • The Deregulation and the Dublin Taxi Industry, Mark Murnane & Wendy Pender (SS) (PDF 578KB)
  • An Economic Critique of the Luas Project, Andreas McGrath & Katie Mooney (SS) (PDF 355KB)