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  • Tunnel Vision: The Privatisation of the London Underground, Susannah McAleese (SS) (PDF 37KB)
  • Economic and Legal Aspects of Predatory Pricing, Damien O'Flaherty (SS) (PDF 102KB)
  • Ryanair: The Growth Airline of Europe, Erica Roseingrave (SS) (PDF 129KB)
  • The Microsoft Antitrust Case, Martina Lawless (SS) (PDF 32KB)

Financial and Monetary Economics

  • Dollarization in Latin America, Barry Comerford, Emmet Ryan and Marton Gyongyosi (SS) (PDF 57KB)
  • Cointegration and Tests of Purchasing Parity, Anthony Mac Guinness (SS) PDF 46KB)
  • Currency Regimes: The Latin American Experience, Chris Dailey (SS) (PDF 30KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Falling from Grace: Why did the Asian Financial Crisis Occur?, Nigel Brook-Walters (JS) (PDF 29KB)
  • IMF Stabilisation and Structural Adjustment Programmes, Colette Murphy (JS) (PDF 19KB)
  • Firewalls: Controlling Short-Term Capital Flows, Ronan Clarke, Chris Dailey, Marc Feustel and Vinay Nair (SS) (PDF 101KB)
  • Imperfect Asset Substitutability and the Irish Experience in the EMS - A Cointegration Analysis, Paul Scanlon (SS) (PDF 49KB)

Public Policy

  • Dublin House Prices: An Econometric Analysis, Eilis Kelly (JS) (PDF 43KB)
  • Irish Industrial Wages: An Econometric Analysis, Edward O'Brien (JS) (PDF 35KB)
  • Active Labour Market Policies in Ireland, Ronan Clarke (SS) (PDF 29KB)
  • Theories of Distribution: Rawls versus Nozick, John Kelly (JS) (PDF 29KB)

Theory and Philosophy

  • An Inquiry into the Nature of Choice, Jawwad Noor (PDF 86KB)
  • Mining the Past, Sarah Hynes (SF) (PDF 12KB)
  • Public Goods and the Prisoners Dilemma, Liam Delany (JS) (PDF 26KB)
  • Econometrics: Science or Pulp Fiction?, Tom Lyons (JS) (PDF 19KB)