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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • Economics: Fumbling Around in the Dark, Colm Green (JS) (HTML 11KB)
  • University Attendance: An Econometric Analysis, Vinay Nair (JS) (PDF 49KB)
  • An Inquiry into Adoption Rates in Ireland, John Murnane (JS) (PDF 60KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • Trade and Technological Progress in Endogenous Growth Models, Alexis Murphy (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Predatory Pricing: A New Theory, Lucy O'Hagan (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Rational Expectations: An Econometric Investigation, Paul Scanlon (JS) (PDF 65KB)

European Economics

  • Balancing Industrial and Competition Policies, Martina Lawless (JS) (HTML 14KB)
  • Fiscal Policy in the Eurozone, Chris Dailey (JS) (HTML 17KB)
  • The Euro: Challenger to the Global Currency Title?, Marc Feustel (JS) (HTML 15KB)
  • Challenges Facing the European Central Bank, Paul Slattery (SS) (HTML 24KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Financial Reform in Transitional Economies: The Case of Hungary, Aimee Cullen (SS) (HTML 36KB)
  • Where Does Development Aid Go?, Jasper Grosskurth (Socrates) (PDF 48KB)
  • Industrialisation in India, Jana Hambrock and Sebastian Hauptman (JS) (PDF 100KB)
  • Was the Tequila Effect Rational?, Richard Doyle, Dominic Scott and Carmel Crimmins (SS) (PDF 84KB)
  • Banking Sector: Roots of Recession in Japan, Padraig Dixon (SS) (HTML 48KB)
  • The International Monetary Fund: The Case for Reform, E. Healy, L. McConville, J. Ruane (SS) (PDF 32KB)

Irish Economy

  • Ireland's Adoption of the New Policy Consensus, Colin O'Flaherty (SF) (HTML 15KB)
  • Urban Change in Dublin, Susan Butterly (SS) (HTML 25KB)
  • A Little Help From Our Friends?, Ronan Clarke (JS) (HTML 30KB)

Public Policy

  • The Jolly Green Giant, Michael Jennings (SS) (PDF 85KB)
  • Universal Service and the Telecommunications Industry, Richard Doyle (SS) (PDF 60KB)
  • Tourism Taxation, Michael McMahon (JS) (HTML 40KB)