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Econometrics: Theory and Practice

  • Visitors to the Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin: An Econometric Analysis, Lucy O'Hagan (JS) (HTML 16KB)
  • Art Prices - A Study of Picasso, Clare McAndrew (Postgraduate) (HTML 28KB)
  • Econometrics and the Science of Economics, Padraig Dixon (JS) (HTML 14KB)

Economic Thought and Theory

  • Of the Socratic Ignorance of Economics, Michael Jennings (JS) (HTML 18KB)
  • John Law, Monetarist or Keynesian?, Fraser Hosford (SS) (HTML 26KB)
  • Is Political Business Cycle Theory Relevant to Ireland?, Thomas Newell and Alan Stuart (SS) (PDF 73KB)

International and Development Economics

  • Irish Outward Foreign Direct Investment - The Future Impetus for Economic Growth, O'Connor,O'Mara Walsh,Owens (SS) (HTML 39KB)
  • Foreign Direct Investment and the Multi-Lateral Agreement on Investment - The Hidden Agenda, Shane Roberts (SS) Shane_Roberts
  • The More We Import from Developing Countries, the More They Will Import from Us, Fraser Hosford and Shane Roberts (SS) (HTML 37KB)
  • The Export Performance of Turkey Following Trade Liberalisation, Selen Sarisoy (Postgraduate) (HTML 44KB)
  • The Multi-Fibre Arrangement - A Thread of Protectionism, Samantha Smith (SS) (HTML 34KB)
  • Competition Policy - The Essential Ingredient for an Integrated Europe, Christine Davin (JS) (HTML 19KB)
  • The Status of Women in Developing Countries: An Econometric Study, Dier Ngor (Postgraduate) (HTML 38KB)

Irish Economy

  • Mortgage Interest Tax Relief - Aspects of Equity and Efficiency, Anne Nolan (SS) (HTML 20KB)
  • Irish Income Tax - Is it a Good System?, Ronan Clarke (SF) (HTML 11KB)
  • Alternative Taxation Policies to the 1998 Budget: A Microsimulation Analysis, David Brocklebank and Ronan Burke (SS) (PDF 75KB)
  • An Act with Taste and Teeth, Cliona McNally (SS) (HTML 21KB)
  • Fiscal Policy in Post-Independence Ireland, Richard Doyle (JS) (HTML 22KB)

Labour Market Economics

  • A Critique of Orthodox Labour Wage Theory, Alan Stuart (SS) (PDF 71KB)
  • The Difficulties of Imposing Universal Labour Standards, Graham Stull (SS) (PDF 73KB)
  • The Declining Economic Position of Men, Brendan Connolly (SS) (HTML 30KB)