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Applied Economics

  • Death on the Track, Jane Lee (JS) (PDF 278KB)
  • Airline Seats: factors affecting their supply, Donal Kane (JS) (PDF 272KB)
  • The BSE Crisis and Demand for Beef in Ireland, Suzanne O'Neill (SS) (PDF 852KB)
  • Income or Employment: Wherein Lies Happiness?, Daniel Berman (JS) (PDF 41KB)
  • Arbitage Pricing Theory and the Irish Market, John Power (SS) (PDF 542KB)

Economic History

  • The Great Debasement of Henry VIII and Edward VI, Catherine Downey (SS) (PDF 687KB)
  • Thomas Mun - 'A man more sinned against than sinning', Robert Murphy (SS) (PDF 965KB)
  • George Berkeley as an Economic Querist, Daniel Gallen (SS) (PDF 877KB)
  • An Investigation into a Reversal of the Neo-classical Synthesis, Sarah Rowell (JS) (PDF 645KB)
  • Miracles, Mistakes and Misconceptions in Irish History, Carmel Crimmins (SF) (PDF 330KB)

Economic Theory

  • Real Business Cycles: Reality, or just Mimicking it?, Geoffrey Gill (SS) (PDF 916KB)
  • Inflation: The Cruellest Tax?, Alan Stuart (JS) (PDF 401KB)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Aspirations vs. Realities, Clare McAndrew (SS) (PDF 617KB)
  • Is Game Theory Redundant?, Stefan Napel (SS) (PDF 339KB)

European Economics

  • Macroeconomic Stabilisation in Poland, Geoffrey Gill (SS) (PDF 916KB)
  • Ireland and Monetary Union: For Better or for Worse?, Alexis Murphy (SF) (PDF 257KB)
  • The Good Old Days, Michael Jennings (SF) (PDF 561KB)

International Economics

  • A Critique of the Leontief Paradox, Diarmaid Smyth (SS) (PDF 566KB)
  • Population Growth: a Child-Cost Perspective, Ronnie O'Toole (JS) (PDF 664KB)
  • India's Economic Liberalisation, Ruth Dowd (SS) (PDF 497KB)

Labour Economics

  • The Effects of Taxation on Irish Unemployment, Diarmaid Smyth (SS) (PDF 454KB)
  • Is Unemployment here to stay?, Fraser Hosford (JS) (PDF 615KB)
  • The Future of the Irish Social Security System, David Brocklebank (JS) (PDF 537KB)